Hi I am going to Stafford hospital tomorrow afternoon for an endoscopy due to my coughing so much when I'm eating this is bringing lots of frightening memories back from 5yrs ago when I was diagnosed with oesophageal cancer I know I should be positive and I will be but I cant help being very nervous


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  • Margie I wish you all the best for the endoscopy tomorrow - hopefully it will ease your mind and give you some answers. Hopefully it will just be something straightforward and can get sorted relatively easily.

    I to have been coughing since my op which sometimes makes me retch, I'm hoping to discuss it at my next clinic appointment and get some answers.

  • Hi Know just how you feeling i had my op 8years ago and last year i was also coughing continually and when eating,had lots of various medication from my doctor,but in the end he sent me back to the hospital for a endoscopy and they said it was acid reflux making me cough,now on Lansoprazole , took awhile but did the trick,but i don't take it continually,my specialist said it is something that happens after our op to a lot of people Wish you luck with your appointment X

  • Hi Mayan glad you are ok I have been on Lansoprazole Ranitadine and Gaviscon for nearly 5 yrs now I've had the coughing since the surgery and it happens when I get reflux but when I'm eating it's worse like I'm choking x

  • I hope all goes well for you tomorrow.

  • Good luck.thinking of you. Keep us informed

  • Wishing you good luck. Keep us informed xxx

  • Good Luck today


  • There is quite a high proportion of unresolved coughing problems where people have reflux problems, so this might be the cause. Good luck!

  • Thank you Alan

  • Nearly four years on I still have a slight cough. My surgeon advises that this is fairly common. I wonder what causes it.

  • I will be miss marple or Sherlock and ask today Howard lol

  • hi, l am 6 years post op and still have coughing fits when eating, my surgeon thought it could possibly be sensitive scar tissue around the join

    Edwina xx

  • just holding your hand although I'm miles away be strong its much better to have tube done again I know its not a nice procedure so op for the sedation

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