Blood clot on lung

Hi everyone,

My Dads just had a call to say that his CT scan has picked up a small blood clot on his lung. He's going straight to hospital to have blood thinning injections.

He only one week of chemo tablets left.

Does anyone have any experience of this?

He's been feeling more unwell with this cycle of chemo than his previous cycles.

I hope this doesn't have any effect on his operation.


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  • Hi Amy I had multiple small clots on my lung and one in my leg. This led to my having a filter put in and heparin injections in my stomach. The clots on my lung cleared up quite quickly and so has the clot in my leg. My operation went ahead as planned and I had heparin injections every day for the two weeks I was in Hospital. Unfortunately I did have DVT in my lower left leg but after 3 or 4 months I could walk without pain and went to Spain for a few days at 7 months. I was 75 and it was decided to stop chemo after two cycles as I was not coping with it very well. Now I am one year since my Ivor lewis and enjoying life and looking forward to our next holiday in 8 weeks. I hope all goes well for your Dad.


  • Thank you so much for your reply Andrew.

    These things are so scary!

    Sorry to hear this happened to you but I am glad to hear that you are now doing well.

    My Dad has been given the injections to give to himself for a month.

    Hopefully they work and he will still be able to have the op.

    My Dad is 56 and before this was otherwise for and healthy.

    Amy x

  • Same thing happened with my husband. It was scary and he was put on warfarin but the operation went ahead as planned. He was taken off warfarin too after a few months still going strongish!


  • Thanks for your reply Tescogran.

    Great to hear that your husband is doing well!

    Amy x

  • Your dad will be assessed for his fitness prior to the operation, and there will be quite a few aspects to that side of things, including his lungs. But hopefully the small clot will be cleared up quickly and things can go ahead with a good outcome. Doing these scans often brings up things we never knew we had, and the doctors are experienced at making a judgement about them.

  • Yes, my husband was injecting himself every day with heparin to guard against clots while he was having the chemo, and he had a filter put in during the "keyhole" oesophagectomy. But all went well, and the filter was taken out a few weeks later.

    Earlier this month, aged nearly 82, he was signed off by the team at Southampton General after 5 years. He continues to lead an active life. But - interestingly - he had a new knee last November and got a clot on the lung as a result of that op. He's now on the blood thinner Rivaroxaban, maybe for life, we don't know.

    All good wishes to you and your father for a good outcome.

  • Thanks for your reply Rsw1fe!

    That's amazing that your husband has been signed off! Brilliant news!

    Amy x

  • Sorry to hear that i'm sure it will go and the op will go ahead.


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