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Recurrence of cancer

I find myself in need of advise from anyone who has had to deal with the recurrence of esophageal cancer. I just had my 8 month CT scan and a spot showed up on my left lung. After it was biopsied, it was confirmed a small esophageal cancer tumor. The next step is a Pet scan to see if there are any other areas. If there is any advise or experiences anyone would care to share, it would be greatly appreciated.

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Hello ,

Sorry to hear this unfortunately my experience with this was my father was cancer free 18 months and all of a sudden he had severe stomach pain it was confirmed the cancer was back. He was diagnosed in September unfortunately soon after he got pneumonia he was meant to start chemo in October but the pneumonia just would not clear he ended up being in critical care 3 times each and every time Drs told us he had a few hours but each time he bounced and after being in critical care a few hours he would have a shower walking talking I would be shocked that this guy 4 hours ago was nearly at deaths door.My father had a spot on his lung too but they never confirmed it was cancer as it was so tiny they just was not sure enough in the end the cancer didn't kill him the pneumonia did .My father went all of a sudden talking laughing eating to say his cancer returned with vengeance he kept his weight up he just looked so healthy did not expect him to go this quick within 3 months he died on New Year's Day in my arms. I wish you well in your journey and hope all goes well for you.

Take care



Hi Larry

have you tried the helpline on 01217049860?



Like you i had scan 11 months post op and had lymph nodes show up in chest i was T1 no spread in July last year. I cant have a biopsy as they say too complicated offered chemo only. Awaiting 2nd scan as i did have the nasty cough virus going round at time and infection.



I do know of people who have been treated successfully after a second lot of cancer has been found following oesophagectomy surgery, but the outcome will all depend on the details they find from the scan. I must say that it is always a depressing blow when this occurs, but you need to go through the tests so that the doctors can establish the detailed situation before any decisions about treatment can be taken. I would like to be able to say that going through this process a second time might be easier than the first, but I do not think it is true.

I am sure the doctors will explain their findings to you very carefully; and you will need to think carefully about what they say. It is always a good idea to have somebody with you to add an extra pair of ears to hear what the doctor is saying, and this will apply very much to when you return for the results. I think you will also need to think carefully about what course of treatment the doctors offer, and to take your time to think about this before rushing into any decision.

Going to a trained counsellor at a Maggie's centre, or cancer specialist centre, can also help to get your thoughts in order in a situation that will cause a lot of anxiety for you.

I do hope you get on well with it all.


Thank you so much for your reply Im trying to stay as positive as possible and take things one day at a time. Trying not to think to far in the future is real hard to do.

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I have struggled with whether I should reply here. I would not want to raise hope or worry people/you more than they already are. But it happened!! and I cannot make it 'un-happen'.

I had OC surgery in September 2014. Last year whilst being investigated for very bad back pain, a CT scan showed a 'recurrence' as an enlarged lymph node next to my aorta. That was considered inoperable and I was started off on the process of palliative care. A further PET scan and Ultrasonic Endoscopy revealed an 'abnormality' on my aorta but NOT cancer. That process from start to finish took several weeks and was/is mentally damaging, especially for my wife.

So, there is hope and I am hoping, that for you, you get the outcome that you wish.



Thank you for sharing, it helps put things into prospective.


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