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Sore throat a long time after op

I’m 4 years post removal of my oesophagus and doing well; eating as well as can be expected, stable weight and no obvious reflux issues. However, I’ve had permanent sore throat for some time but no problems in swallowing. My specialist nurse referred me to an ENT consultant who had a look and could find nothing and I’ve had some speech therapy to help with a rough voice which worked. There’s obviously a concern that there may be some form of “silent” reflux going on and that it could impact on my throat in the same way as it did my oesophagus over the years. I’ve upped my ppi to 10mg twice a day. Anyone else had this?

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That seems a very low dose to me.The usual maintenance is 20m daily so you will probably have to double this dose for a short period.But please ask your specialist nurse.



Reading the posts on this site, it seems that this is a common problem, which often arises some time after surgery. I am 9 years post-op and, like you, doing well. However, in the last year or so, I have developed a cough and occasional sore throat. I think the most likely cause is irritation caused by years of acid and, occasionally, bile reflux.


I've had this for the past few months but also occasional problems with swallowing. I managed to get an appointment to have an endoscopy this week and it seems i have an inflammation at the join. The consultant has suggested a short course of Metoclopramide and suggested i start taking my Omeprazole again (i stopped taking this as i couldn't get through the night without reflux, not sure if it was acid or bile but I got more relief through taking apple cider vinegar). It was suggested that although the Omeprozole didn't fully solve my reflux problem, it is very good at helping to reduce inflamation. I would also support Phil's suggestion that the 20m double dose for a short while would help but again as suggested, check with your specialist nurse.



I suppose the real issue is whether it is caused by reflux or not. 2 x 10mg is 20mg a day of PPI, so there at be an issue of whether this the right dose or not, and feasibly an issue of whether you have a certain amount of bile reflux, which would make things more complicated. Sometimes the dose is 80mg a day.

There is a test for 24 hour pH monitoring that might help. Some people use acid monitoring strips for their saliva, but I do not know enough myself about how this would work in practice.

You could, meanwhile, try regular Gaviscon to see whether this makes a difference.; this should not affect the underlying acid:bile profile of your saliva / reflux.

You would need to be fairly systematic in taking anything in addition and to be aware of the acid / alkali nature of what you take.


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