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Hi, I am new here. I have been reading all the interesting cases. I have had problems with my throat for a few years, eventually refereed to ear, nose and throat specialist . I have has several test, camera in the stomache , breath tube test, I wore a monitor for 24 hours. I am waiting to see another consultant. I have constant reflux, very embarrassing all the coughing and the mucus that follows. I have voice problems now. Some days I can not speak, voice is very hoarse at times, words just fall away half way through a conversation. Trying different medication. Taking gaviscon advance at night. Dentist given me a special toothpaste to use at night. I am 67 years old. I have had arthritis from my teens. Some doctors have said the medication naproxen given to me for arthritis could be responsible for my reflux problems as it scares the stomache . I wonder if the other symptoms I have are related to reflux. Feeling bloated after a small meal, pains under my ribs. Breathless when bending over. I changed to decafe coffee. Cut down on some fruit, cut out whole meal bread. Doing a advised.

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  • You will find different foods effect different people,In my case I have cut out chocolate,spicy food,all alcohol and I never eat after my evening meal around 6-30pm,I have also found chewing gum after a meal helps,It makes more saliva which neutralises the acid when you swallow it.I was on 2- 20mgs of omeprazole a day for the last 31/2 years but since sorting out the food and drink porblems I now only take one 20mgs every 4th day.hope this helps

  • Thank you, I will give chewing gum a go. I have never eaten spicy foods, smoked or drank alcohol . That's why consultant thinks medication for arthritis is the cause as I was not given stomach lining medication . I have not met anyone else with voice problems so far . I am on Esomaprazole 20mg 1 morning 1 at night. I am waiting to see a swallowing therapist . It is very frightening waking up in the night feeling like I am choking.

  • I get sugar free gum

  • It sounds like you are having all the right tests, and it is indeed important to diagnose the cause of your reflux. If medication cannot solve it, it might be a case where anti-reflux surgery could be an option.

  • Your symptoms are classical ---- the important issue is to establish where, if any, damage has occurred and the extent of it. This should have been revealed by the gastroscopy......what have they told you and to whom have you been referred?

    In the meantime consider alleviating night time reflux by raising your bedhead legs by 8-10 inches.........instead of being the enemy gravity can be your ally.

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