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Barret's Esophagus

I myself have been diagnosed with Barrets Esophagus within 6 months can someone tell me the possibility of getting cancer or if I can prevent cancer?

Please! My male friends has it and he got bad result. They want him to get further testing, they suspect cancer. He has had BE for many yrs.

I am afraid for him. How can I help him as friend?

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The website actionagainstheartburn.org.uk has more details.

If you have newly-developed Barrett's Oesophagus at age 30 years, there may be an 11 - 25% chance of developing adenocarcinoma by the time of 80. It is a long term thing, and associated with the damage done to the lining of the oesophagus by persistent reflux. The Barrett's Oesophagus itself is not so much the problem; it is a question of whether dysplasia develops, as the chances of cancer rise markedly if high grade dysplasia is present. The good news is that dysplasia can often be removed by radio frequency ablation, thereby effectively preventing the future cancer or reducing the risk substantially. And if cancer is detected because of Barrett's Oesophagus regular surveillance, the treatment outcomes are usually good because it will have been caught in its early stages.

Being referred to a specialist centre that offers radio frequency ablation is probably the best course for your friend, and we wish you both well.


I heard that I will to get the radio frequency ablation done more frequent. I am afraid also because cancer runs in my family on both sides.

I see a specialist but don't know if he offers radio frequency ablations. I will check it out.

This is fairly new diagnosed but only within a year and I am 45. Hopefully that gives me more years and hope.

Thank you, Allan A. Appreciated.


Sorry, it took so long to respond to your post.


I was diagnosed with early oesophageal cancer in 2014 having been diagnosed with Barretts in 1999. Luckily I was on a surveillance program in those years so the cancer was very small and could be removed endoscopically. This was followed by RF ablation and now I am clear of Barretts as well.

I suffered from very bad acid reflux in my 30s and in my 50s when the Barretts was diagnosed, I suspect I had the condition in my 30 s. So it was 30 plus years when first dysplasia was noticed and then cancer. Now it is practice to remove high grade dysplasia and I am sure that if that had been available to me the cancer would not have developed.

So if the changes are recognised treatment is available to prevent progress to cancer. If like me the cancer is caught early then the prognosis is very good. Later stage cancer will require very extensive surgery but the outcome for that is getting better all the time.

You both need to get referral to a hospital with a specialism in this area. You do not say which country you are in but if it is the UK there are now a number of centres of excellence. Do insist on being referred to one of these, I had excellent treatment at UCHL .

I do hope you get the correct treatment and wish you both well.


Thank you for that hope of knowing that there is if I do developed cancer that it can be cured. 


I was diagnosed with Barretts in November 2013, fourteen months later in Jan 2015 I was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma in the mid to lower oesophagus


What is adenocarcinoma? How is it different from Barret's Esophasgus?  


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