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IVOR LEWIS PROCEDURE - Neuropathy-Right Arm

IVOR LEWIS PROCEDURE - Neuropathy-Right Arm

Continued --in answer to:https://healthunlocked.com/oesophagus/posts/131840975/has-anyone-had-a-pinched-nerve

I am not sure which procedure you had but if it was the standard Ivor Lewis then the Thoracotomy is most likely responsible for the altered sensation in your right arm/hand.

Also If during the op your right arm was strapped up (to improve access to the chest cavity) then impaired blood circulation can cause neuropathy -- think cramp/pins and needles times ten.

This happened to me and for the past 24 years the fourth and fifth fingers on my right hand have been numb and 'fizzy' !

I will post a pic diagram which will help to explain this possibility.

DIAGRAM* : Pictorial representation of the nerves (in yellow) serving the right arm .

From which it is reasonable to suppose that during an IL operation there can be collateral

damage resulting in temporary or permanent impairment of function.

*For the record this is not an artist's representation; it is an absolutely anatomically correct digital rendering.

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I have the same in my right arm and left leg. After my surgery the side of my leg was numb and I get very bad pins and needles in it the same as in my right arm I have been given painkillers but no explanation as to why


Thank you for the picture! I appreciate it. Seems as though lately I am always having some symptom. When I had my surgery they were unable to get a lymph node in the neck area. I am always afraid.


Hi and thank you for the information it now makes sense I will show this to my doctor as I'm sure they think I'm making it up especially with my left leg thanks again and hope you are well


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