Christmas Celebrations

Sometimes the season of the year makes us extra mindful of advice about eating! It’s that time of year where we eat, drink and be merry, but we all know that if we over indulge or even just indulge a bit we could face severe digestive problems which could ruin our festive season.

Remember that with the exception of things that you know don't agree with you, you can eat and drink almost anything you fancy. You can join in with your family and friends during the celebrations, but you just can’t go over the top. Just remember to eat small amounts, and do not get tempted to agree to well-meant suggestions that you have extra helpings.

Try not to eat and drink at the same time, this really does confuse your new plumbing and also bear in mind that any alcohol will hit your system much more quickly than before.

The only 'no, no' food tends to be brussel sprouts and if you don’t normally eat them, give them a miss. Nobody will force you to eat them, just leave them on the side of the plate.

It can be difficult at any time to settle down at night time and more so if you have eaten rich food so make sure that you have an antacid or Gaviscon on hand, either tablets or liquid. If you use a PPI such as omeprazole, make sure you take it at the right time. Some people take part of their daily dose at least one hour before they go to bed, but you will possibly have your own regime. PPIs work by stopping the stomach producing acid so you need to let the drug get to work. As you settle down for sleep take the Gaviscon / antacid, this forms a float on top of any stomach contents and neutralises any acid in the back of the throat and in what is left of the oesophagus.

But most of all enjoy the holiday season, celebrate the progress you have made, and a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year to you all.

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  • Why are sprouts a no no food?! I love sprouts!!

  • Merry Christmas Alan and a big thank you for your good help and may it all continue and we all get stronger and wiser as time goes by.

    Tina xxx

  • We are all different.

    I have been to a number of meetings this year and there are survivors able to eat and drink at the same time , drink beer , eat sprouts and manage medium - large meals. I can eat medium sized meals , drink with the meal and have no dietary restrictions. Bread , if I eat too much causes problems. My advice is to persevere, it can only get better.

    Alcohol intake , having lost around two stone , is reduced , making me a cheap date! But I will drink a half pint of beer with a whisky chaser rather than a pint these days or perhaps a gin and tonic.

  • Very good advise Alan but I personally have no problem eating sprouts

    All the best to you.


  • Thank you for that, and I rejoice with all for whom brussel sprouts are not a problem. It is not compulsory!

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