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18 months post Merendino Interposition

18 months after my Merendino Interposition where a length of jejunum is inserted between my remaining oesophagus and stomach to stop reflux, I've just been informed after I had a CT scan that I am completely cancer free. Yippee!

I had the scan as I have a small lump next to my umbilicus which might be a hernia but they are not sure but its definitely not of any concern. Has to come out some time. Apparently it is quite common to have a hernia after any abdominal surgery, presumably as you use different muscles.

I still suffer occasionally from painful severe wind attacks after eating something my body doesn't like but a small price to pay. I have no pattern in what causes these attacks other than they are usually later in the day after my main meal.

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Wonderful news! So happy for you!


That is great news. Celebrate!


Fantastic news!! Well done have a party! ha


Good news..celebrate.


Thanks for all the congratulations. I wish everybody else success. Have confidence in your health team despite all the bad publicity for the health services.

And well done OPA for all the help and support to everybody.


fantastic news xxx


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