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Hi all.

I've posted before about my many symptoms which are getting worse and more painful from head to toe virtually. I've been told it's neurological, rhumatalogical, that it's neither and that it's both over the years. But still with no solid diagnosis for my various problems and doctors virtually giving up on me, the only thing they all keep saying is to take antidepressants. In fact, that's what I was told by the internist I saw recently. "We'll never know what's wrong with you. You should take antidepressants to cope with your symptoms ". My x rays alone show plenty wrong.

I know I have a lot of stuff wrong with me. I know it was not down to depression from day one but now I feel as if I've had enough. I'd be foolish to think after almost 10 years of this that I wasn't depressed about it. But I know if I start on antidepressants I'll have a whole new set of problems with which type, dosage, side effects (I already have 90 % of listed side effects and I take no medication at all), and possible withdrawal symptoms and the rest. But, in particular, once I've started taking them I'll be told my symptoms are side effects of the antidepressants even though I've had them for years. It'll be a good excuse for my doctors to wipe their hands of me once and for all. This is why from the beginning I refused to take such medication knowing I needed doctors who listened rather than dished out unnecessary pills.

But, I keep reading that antidepressants can help with pain. I'm trying many things for pain that now aren't working well enough but pain isn't my only problem.

I suppose I'm asking if anyone on the forum takes antidepressants just for pain and whether it's working for them and if they think it's worth the risk. And if they feel better or worse since taking them.

Any responses will be much appreciated.



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I take Cymbalta, along with Gabapentin for nerve pain, as well as Aleve. I also suffer with depression; so it's a two for one punch, so to speak. These medications do help and I realize I'll be on them for remainder of life as I don't see anything changing with my diagnosis. I see a rheumatologist and neurologist for several conditions, which overlap. Those are the specialists to see when you have different problems a GP cannot diagnose or treat properly. I would save time and seek the best doctors.

Hi and thanks for your reply.

The rhumatologist I saw yesterday offered me gabapentin but, once again, when I read the list of side effects I know I couldn't possibly take them as I already have pretty much everything on the list already and have done for a long time. If it was just for pain, I would take them and see how they worked out.

Most of my problems started a few years before I had any issues with pain and I've seen many specialists from the beginning to try to get some answers. I've seen a lot of neurologists too.

I'm glad you can take those meds and that they work for you without making things worse.

Thanks again.


sdds in reply to frankaspergilus

Hi Frank. I'm sorry that you're having these problems. I take pain meds and antidepressants for my problems. I can understand your hesitation to trying new medications but I do have a question that may give you something to think about. If you already have most of the side effects, would you even notice anything different if you were to try the antidepressant? Not being rude, I'm just wondering why this is a reason to not try it. You're currently experiencing these issues, so taking the antidepressant wouldn't cause anything that you are not already dealing with and may help you in the long run. Most people start on low doses and have to increase to find the dose that benefits you so you will probably have to do that. Also as new drugs are developed, your doctor may suggest something new that would be more beneficial to you but that would be your choice to make. I wish you well and pray that you get some relief. I know that a diagnosis is important to you but getting the symptoms well managed may have to suffice. Take care and be safe.

frankaspergilus in reply to sdds

Thanks sdds for your reply.

You make a very valid point. It's true that I may not suffer with pain as much and that would help quite a bit.

But I do know that I'm unwell and that I need more investigation until someone can get to the bottom of all this.

The trouble is that I'm really running out of steam now and feel so fragile I feel that anything I take, I'll react to badly. I know that sounds a tad dramatic but I've never felt so vulnerable and exhausted in my life.

I've started taking a painkiller called Acupan, also known as Nefopan which has side effects I don't want but I think they're not as frequent or as likely as they might be with antidepressants. I'll give it a week or two and see how it goes.

I have an appointment for another scintigraphy this Friday which will be my third one. Perhaps they'll see something that will lead them to think about some treatment that might make a difference. I'd still rather have effective treatment for a diagnosable problem than take unnecessary meds whether that's antidepressants or any other meds for something I just don't have. Which is why I keep holding out and keep going back to my doctors and I don't really care how long it takes as long as I can keep doing it. They'll get the message at some point even though it may be a lot harder to recover if that's even possible.

I hope you remain as well as you can too. Thanks again and take care.


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