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Golf driving me mad


My hubby is a mad golfer but his hips,knees and back osteoarthritis are getting in the way big time so like the dutiful wife I am thought it would be easy enough to get an adaptation for mobility scooter with all terrain wheels after searching the internet I have found you can’t get them in uk but you can get them in Australia New Zealand and the states, here they want you to buy a separate scooter!!! All I wanted was him out of the house to give me some time without the moaning of him being sore I do understand his pain as I have now been unable to work for a year due to arthritis of the spine and fibromyalgia

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I agree, it is very annoying, are there no golf buggies available for hire at his golf club?

There are but it’s hard to get hold of them xx

kohaiOA Ambassador

Can I ask where you've looked?I just typed into a google search

Wheelchairs for golfer's

and a wide range of 'all-terrain' manual and electric wheelchairs and adapted scooters showed, from various manufacturers/suppliers within the uk.

Bigears16 in reply to kohai

Thanks I know there is loads you can buy it’s more being able to buy a part to adapt my scooter like you can in the states etc as I don’t want to buy to separate kinds xx

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