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Can't get docs to agree on diagnosis


Hi all.

I've been having lots of problems over many years that have gone without any decent help from all types of specialists and doctors.

Now it looks like at least part of my problems are arthritis in some form. But which one?

I live in France and the terms for the many sorts of arthritis are quite different from the English terms.

Ignoring the difference in languages, my docs are saying that I have osteoarthritis one day and then saying I don't the next day. Then I have polyarthritis but blood markers say I don't. One rheumatalogist will tell me I have arthritis everywhere and another will tell me I don't. They will tell me I need to see a neurologist because of movement and rigidity problems and when I see neurologists they say they can't find anything wrong and that I need to see a rheumatalogist.

I've given them all lists of all the problems I've been having for years yet every time they turn me away and I still have absolutely no idea what I have.

How can they not even decide which type of arthritis I have? Never mind the other problems!

What exams might I need help make a proper and accurate diagnosis arthritis - wise?

Thanks in advance for any help.


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This site might help you to understand what type of arthritis you actually have.

You can type in the various names and compare the symptoms and recommended treatments. It might give you a better idea to go back to doctors - and although it’s in UK it has a helpline which might prove useful.

Thank you DorsetLady.

I'll take a good look at the site and hopefully see what fits.

I'll try the helpline hoping they'll not mind that I don't actually live in the UK.

I'll also post more questions on HU shortly to see if some of my more unpleasant symptoms are shared by others.

Thanks again

I’m sure the Charity won’t mind where you live advice is open to all and if you have arthritis, you have arthritis!

Thanks again.

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