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CreakyChats Monday Nov 5th


We will be joining CreakJoints on Twitter this Monday and hope you join too! Comment below to let us know if you will be joining the chat or if you have any questions about how Twitter chats work.

Topic: Having a Seat at the Table: What 'Patient-Centered' Means to Us

'Patient-centered' has become something of a buzzword these days. The truth is that the concept means different things to different people living with chronic illness. In this #CreakyChats, we'll discuss such issues as:

What would you like to see in organizations and causes that consider themselves to be patient-centered?

Do you define yourself as a patient (and why or why not)?

How can you learn more about research from medical conferences that could impact patient care?

To join the chat, follow @CreakyJoints on Twitter and use the hashtag #CreakyChats.

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