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Is equal really the best

I was glued to the tv like most of us when the olympics was on, and even more so when the para was on. How we saw those with disabilities bet the odds. How we want to be seen as equal to our fellow able bodied friends. But is this having a bad effect for those of us who can't compete. I went Milton Keynes a local shopping centre to me and they are now charging parking fees for disabled near to the door. For those who choose to park further away in a normal bay, go free. If you have a chair or scooter its not to bad. The reason they give is that you have the privilege of being able to park nearer. My local hospital are starting to charge for the same reason. Not I know we want to be equal but I can't get to hospital any other way but by car. Some can walk or go by bus or taxi, so they only thing I get is free parking. After all we didint ask to be ill, given the chose I would pay to be well again. Are we all going to be treated equal and expected to work, do sport and be able bodied. I think not. Don't get me wrong I don't want special treatment but you know, when these do gooders get their teeth into things we will all lose the small help we get.

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When i go to the hospital that treats me i have to pay the same as able bodied people. If they are charging you then they should charge everyone. It is discrimination of the worst kind. xx


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