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Diagnosed recently with RA been suffering for few years, on methotrexate, hydroxychloroquine and other drugs for blood pressure, chronic tmj

Feeling sick etc. Seen nurse yesterday for blood checks, taking more time of work and am worried about this to. I am 49 year old male with three young children so worried but trying not to be woeful. Thinking about reducing hours of work but unsure about the financial knock. Symptoms seem more magnified and my emotions are every where, is there a light?


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Hi Will, sorry your feeling like this but there is light for most of us so keep positive. It is a very up and down condition and provided your meds work for you and you should begin to feel better but there is a long learning curve re pacing yourself which most of us forget to keep doing. If you can take a while off work preferably with pay that should help you to get your emotions under control and you'll begin to feel stronger. It is hard to remain positive but this site is a godsend with support so stay tuned and I wish you all the best.

Judith x


Thank you for your words of support its reassuring to know things can be ok. I've always been active but last couple of years to a lesser degree, need to change that I think. I am holding it together well. Bless you.



Hi Will,

Sorry you are having a bad time just now, as Judith says keep positive.

It must be hard with 3 young children to think about.

Try not to get too stressed, as I'm sure that won't help.

What kind of job do you do? Hopefully they will be understanding and help you through this tricky patch.

Good luck

Mary x


Hi Mary

Thank you for your support and encouragement, I work as a housing and recovery worker in mental health, actually for Oxfordshire Mind; if they can't be supportive then there's no help for any of us:-) So far they have been really good but I've only had two weeks of. I have been some emotional and realise that the meds are effecting biochemical imbalances coupled by my own emotional responses to this diagnosis. Was feeling really angry, then very upset, then woe is me, but I know I can find myself and get some balance in time.


Hi Will,

I was diagnosed a year ago and am fitter now than I was then by a long way so there is light for many of us yes - and hopefully there will be lots of light for you too. My three sons are older now (teens) but they keep me going so they really help as the years go by - I'm sure you'll find the same thing. Hang in there. Tilda


Hi Tilda

Thank you, I know there are things I can do that I am not at present doing; I am coming to terms with this and it's frightening, I've always been a hands on dad and this scares me that my little ones will lose some thing. Maybe I'm being silly and will find the balance that I need. Your words offer support and are appreciated.


Hi Will

As the others have mentioned, it can take some time, but finding a good combination of medications that suits you well and gets your RA under really good control will help you to feel a whole lot better. It's important to work with you rheumatology team and let them know how you're feeling so they can make any necessary adjustments to your treatment. If you wanted to talk things through in more details please don't hesitate to give us a call on the NRAS helpline (0800 298 7650) or you can email us on:

If you are thinking about reducing your hours at work you might find our 'I want to work' booklet useful. We also have a booklet that is specifcally designed to give to your employer that explains how RA might affect someone at work and includes some suggestions for how to make things easier. They can both be downloaded from our website:

This site is also great for support and information so I hope you enjoy using HU.

Kind regards

Sarah Kate



Hi Sarah Kate

Thank you for the information very useful, every day is a little different at present. I think I'm doing ok but know the pain has become worse in areas depending on what I'm doing or not doing. Waiting for appointment with the OT, Physio etc. I am a little scared though which is normal.



hi will

i am 58 years old i was diagnosed with RA in 1999. i was very angry and in denial when they told me i had RA i remember walking in the rheumatology dept i could hardly walk it seemed like this illness came on overnight no warning signs nothing hands hurt my feet hurt it was terrible .. i was immediately put on methotrexate .my consultant said my RA was quite bad .i remember crying to my husband . what about my hands i need to work .we had just bought a huge house and we needed the income of us both working job was manual handling wheelchairs ect ..clamping them in buses ect ..i decided i was not going to allow this illness into my life and carried on . with methotrexate and sheer determination to keep my job. i bought some hand splinters for my job ..and light exercising and walking in my spare time ..within 6 weeks the methotrexate kicked in . and i felt fine.. that was 13 years ago and i am still going strong .. hands fine.. although i think the hand splints took the strain off my hands .. my toes are a bit bent .well 2 on each foot but i am still walking ok ..

i think the methotrexate was the one for me . i don,t take painkillers ..never have

but i sometimes get a flair up and a few injections sort that out but not very often.. still working .. everyone is different with this disease.. but it can be controlled with the right medication .. it is not the end of the road for your job still doing mine full time after 13 years ..just do what your body tells you to do regarding pain ect ..

and limit the strain with gadgets .. in your home and work to lighten the load

i have lightweight kettles .. irons .cups . anything that is easy to pick up ,, automatic car.comfortable shoes ect

anything that will help keep the strain off your joints and you will reap the rewards in the long run.. and rest them as often as you can.. put your feet up when you get 5 mins ..

its all about controlling this illness ....don,t let it control you


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