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Strong heart beat

Hi all hope you are well, I’m ok but I’ve been to the Dr today as I have been having really strong heart beat, it is happening more and more, the Dr has booked me in for an ECG but I’m concerned about the RA affecting my heart I’m not on any meds as I don’t see anyone till October about my RA I only have a GP service at the moment. I also have been to the sauna today for the very first time and I loved it I’ve had no pain up until about an hour ago, I fined the heat works well for me as I use wheat pillows on my very sour joints give it a try it does help me but everyone is different, wishing you all a pain free day Becky

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glad the sauna helped. I have had times were i am very aware of my pulse in my neck, don't know if this is similar.




Hi Becky

Like you, I have a strong heart beat a lot of the time and I know that it can be both frightening and uncomfortable. I am glad the GP has booked you in for an ECG though because hopefully that will help to set your mind at rest. It sounds as if you are fairly early on in your RA and I do understand your worries about whether the RA is affecting your heart. But I think I am right in saying that complications such as that are not particularly likely early on in the disease process. I have had RA for 17 years and I do now have a number of non-joint complications, but I have recently been sent for a number of heart tests because of my strong (often fast, and sometimes irregular) heart rate and apparently everything is ok and they don't really know why it is happening.

I'm really glad the sauna helped you - it's not something I have ever tried.

Really hope you don't have to wait too long for your ECG.



Just remember that an ECG will only show things if they are actually happening right at the time of the ECG. If you keep on getting problems after having it, and it doesn't show up anything, ask about having a two day heart monitor put on as well as an exercise ECG. For the longer monitor, they wire you up like an ECG, then you have a little recorder thing that you wear, that takes constant recordings for 24 or 48 hours or longer. It was the only way a friend of mine got her atrial fibrillation identified properly, and that meant she could then get it treated.

Also, if you are having funny feelings in your heart, just be aware that saunas can put a bit of stress on you and make your heart rate change, so might be best that you don't have a sauna if you are noticing the heart stuff at the time.


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