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Just been to the GP, 2nd time this week. Getting bad pain between the shoulders, more or less told to endure it as my neck & lower back pain was evident anyway. Tried to discuss problems with my ulceravitis, but told to make another appointment to discuss this. Just so shocked i did'nt argue. Must be a new rule now? to only go with one problem at at time, it beggars belief. On the plus side went to see consultant about my numb fingers & hands, & he said op a.s.a.p. on left arm & if successful ? op on right one 3months later. weemikec

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Aargh so frustrating. So I would go every day for a week with each problem and when they ask why tell them straight! Oh and complain to the practice manager.......stupid system isnt it. But good news on the hand op, heres hoping.



I know it makes it harder to book at short notice but you would be better off making a double appointment. Not wanting to defend your GP but I find I get quite fed up with one of my GPs running really late because of each patient needing more time than they have booked for. I know sometimes it just can't be helped but I guess they have to strike a balance between giving each patient enough time to explain themselves and not getting too out of sync with their list? I edited my GP consulation very carefully today and discussed two different subjects in one ten minute apt - but I did give him advanced notice of what I needed to discuss so we paced each to five minutes and I only ran over by five. He is brilliant at getting rid of patients when time is up he uses body language and faces the computer!

That's good news about the ops - hope it sorts everything out for you. Tilda


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