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Deliberating which sport to focus on..............LOL

Deliberating which sport to focus on..............LOL

Hello everyone,

I've been out-of-sorts for the last week so haven't replied to people's posts (so rude of me) but I've been dipping in and out of the site between watching Olympic events.

Unfortunately, I've not been able to go to the leisure centre for the past week and have gone off track on the diet front also so I am trying to claw my way back to the determined me of 2 weeks ago. Meds I took for sciatica didn't agree with me and I have had to ditch them so I'm in pain again but at least I'm awake (for now)!

Anyway, I have been inspired by the Olympic Games and have been considering what sport would suit me best - when the flexercise and aqua-fit become too easy of course. At the moment I am still concentrating on being able to raise my leg more than 6ins off the ground but I feel that it is important to look ahead. I am confident it is only a matter of time before they have a disabled pensioner's olympic and I want to be ready for it. (Not yet old enough but am in training).

I'm particularly encouraged by the women's triathlon - after all, I have already established that I can float and I believe that you never forget how to ride a bike so its just the running bit where I lack the skills. Would a mobility scooter be cheating do you think? I also quite like the outfits. Not quite the dayglo lycra I had in mind but perhaps a little more classy which would be more fitting for my pensioner status by the next Olympics.

I shall return to the leisure centre with renewed ambition tomorrow. Diet is, more or less, taken care of as the dog managed to get hold of the bread and another whole pot of olive spread yesterday and ate the lot in the 2 minutes that I was out of the room. That leaves me with lettuce and Quorn fillets. Nice.

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Creaky,you do make me laugh,what with your lovely dog eating your bread and olive spread. How about instead of running they have roller skates instead. The only problem i foresee in that is how to stop!!

Lovely blog. Love sylvi.xx


Excellent plan Sylvi - or maybe those trainers that have retractable wheels,

With regards to the stopping problem perhaps the organisers can be persuaded to reverse the discipline order so that the 'running' bit ends at the lakeside. That way those who can't stop have an early start advantage to the swimming.

Judy xxx


I think an excellent one for the Olympic games would be putting on a pair of tights! The last time I put these on was for a Wedding in November, bought 60 denier so that I had a good grip. Once in a hotel room sitting on the bed and had a chair and small table in front of me with a foot placed on each. It took me over twenty minutes to complete the feat. I think I will try stockings next!

Roller skates with walking sticks to keep you upright and ending in the brink lovely!


Now you're talking Elaine.

RA Olympic Games (or ROG for short) simply must include the tights race - with penalties for ladders. The last time I tried to put a pair on I had to lie down afterwards and as they were horribly twisted it was not at all comfortable.

This would indeed be a test of endurance, skill and accuracy.

Any more ideas anyone?


Why stop at tights? I think a whole new gymnastic disciplines called for....beginners could start with simple attire, and move on to the posh wedding outfit at the highest level complete with proper hairstyle and hat pins. And for men, some cuff links and specially complicated tie knots instead of the tights.... polly


Haha nice. I quite fancy wrist splint volley ball also


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