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AnAnyAnyoAnyonAnyone eelelselselse sststrstrustrugstruggstruggstrugglstrugglistrugglistrugglinstrugglinstruggling tto ttytyptyptype?

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AbAbsAbsoAbsolAbsolAbsoluAbsoluAbsolutAbsoluteAbsolutelAbsolutelAbsolutely yyeyes.

BBuBut oononlonlonly oon mmy ttatabtabltabltabletablet, nnonot mmy pphphophonphonphone.

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Is yyoyouyour ttatabtabltabltabletablet aan ipipipaipaipadipadiPad oor aanandandroid?

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AnAnd mmiminmine.

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otothotheotherothers wwewerwere hhahavhavihavinhaving pprproprobproblprobleproblemproblems wwiwitwith bbobolbold, agoiagoiagoitagoitagoitaagoitalisised ttetextexft uunundundeunderunderlunderliunderlinunderlinunderlineunderlined ttetextext a ffefew wweweeweekweeks aagago

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have I entered the Twilight Zone? Best of luck with your texts

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ThThiThis ccocoucoulcoulcould beececoecomecomecomeecomebecome a nnenew llalanlanguagelanguage!

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Using my phone so managing but words are flickering as I type

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Sorry but this made me laugh 😂 How strange it’s only on android. Hope it’s sorted soon.

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I reported it a few days ago and was told to update my os system/ browser. I checked - they're up to date .Or to disable predictive text . I have. No difference.It only happens when replying to posts, not pm s or my e mail and texts .

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It iiis oononly hhahaphapphapphappening oon HHU sisitsite.

SSo a pprpripribpribpriblpriblpriblepriblepriblempriblemproblem wwiwitwithwith iiitit I asassassumeassume?

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MadBunny in reply to Mmrr

It must be. A few people on the Anxiety and Depression site have experienced the same thing.

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yeyesYes iimI'm hhahavhavihavinhavinghaving tththithisthis hhahaphapphappehappenhappen ttotootoo!

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I looked in this morning, and thought had you all lost it? ha ha, tee heee, its working now

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ststistilstill nnonot wwoworworkworkiworkinworking ffofor mme 🤪

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ststistilstill tththe sssssassamssamesesame tththithis mmomormornmornjmornjnmornjngmornjngmorning.

IIvIveI've rrerefrefrrefrerefresrefreshrefresherefreshed mmy bbrbrobrowbrowsbrowsebrowser.....nno ddididdidfdidfedidferdidferndidferncdidferncedidferncedifferencedifference

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AnAnd mme, nno cchchachanchangchange.

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Strange I have had a few hiccups recently with type but as I had changed internet provider assumed it was that. My phone is weird too that's Android so maybe it's not us but our providers. I've lost some of my old files it must be due to the windows changes to 11 I can't use 11 on my computer as my memory is not big enough. It's becoming a minefield again as 10 is being phased out. Good luck to everyone in updating their computers.

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Mmrr in reply to katieoxo60

It is strange.

Replying to HU messages on this site on my android tablet is the only time I'm having problems. I haven't upgraded windows....nothing new at all.

All other media, texts, email are working fine on my tablet and my phone is good too.

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OH dear thats 🤪 cracy. But its amazing that i could read it well😂. Sorry your having this problem.

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I know you’ve probably all tried this but switch your tablets and phones etc off. Leave them for a mo and try again. This has fixed problems for me before. I’m sure it’s perhaps a silly suggestion but worth a try. Isn’t it a pain in the bum when tech doesn’t work properly, so frustrating.

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TrTriTrieTried tththat!

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whoops sorry.

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mine is working fine 🙂

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Stiilill hhahavhavihavinhavingaa pprproprobproblprobleproblem😂

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you poor thing and others this post is on my android phone,so far seems to being behaving. Finger crossed.

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yes mine the same how funny