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I too dislike the advert. But a part of me said yes finally . a true depiction of the sometime agonising burning throbbing a thousand heated needles twisting and turning or the multiple knives that stab at the same time! It has made me mentally strong. Battling the pain. But oh how we poor souls suffer. And often in silence. People just dont get it. That advert ultimately harmful and non productive.

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What advert?

sylvi in reply to helixhelix

I was going to say the same.x

Me too!


And me?

Me too. sure I heard something about a advert cannot remember though

Is it VertsyArthritus or something like that. I've seen it briefly but don't understand it. X

An arthritis charity that I haven't heard of before, Versus Arthritis or some such, showing their idea of what life can be like with arthritis before begging for money. Quite disturbing to watch but at least the sufferer wasn't a criminal

AgedCrone in reply to Gnarli

Versus is Artthritis Research& another RA Association who have amalgamated. If you Google Versus you will find a useless video describing "Arthritis"...& the merger.

As usual no real info re RA & OA.

They ask for comments as if they have just discovered a cure.

I wrote back saying unless they explain OA & RA, & how they need completely different research,I

I won't bother reading their ads.

Needless to say I got no reply...obviously burst their self congratulating bubble!

Wonder how much money has been wasted on all the publicity that has obviously missed the point nobody here appears to have heard about them!?!

Gnarli in reply to AgedCrone

Thank you for that. As always you're so well informed. It's a rare thing that I noticed an advert to be honest. I mostly ignore them thinking "what a waste of money".

It's the Versus Arthritis advert. I'm not sure it's getting the whole point across, no specific arthritis mentioned so could be presumed to be all OA. There are various different ads played by different actors, maybe if each ad was dedicated to a specific type it would have been better? One denoting RD, another OA, you get the picture. Looking at the site though, that is informative, if you know to use or realise you use the menu (3 horizontal lines) to access the info on different types, but I wonder how many it's reaching from the ad, how many will go to the website?

I have a monthly standing order to Arthritis research. (ARC) now cancelling it.

I don't feel they deserve my money if they obviously don't listen to the numerous requests to differentiate between OA & RA.

It's not that I think OA is undeserving, but I choose that my money goes to an RA charity.

lucymead in reply to AgedCrone

I agree with you. I used there site to look at research magnet treatment for RA and came across the VERSUS information about there new advertising campaign. I am not impressed.


Hate the word ‘arthritis’ being used as a generic term. This website doesn’t even mention RD is an autoimmune disease & a lot of the other explanations are simplistic to say the least: eg Achilles tendinitis is a foot problem: no s*** Sherlock? Is it some kind of scam? 🙁

Iceland advert got banned as well

nomoreheels in reply to Ajay575

Now that to me is just ridiculous, it's a charming ad. I don't find it political, it's raising awareness of the senseless need for palm oil, we have plenty of options, we don't need another especially when it results in such a cost to the orangutan's natural habitat & it becoming endangered to the point of becoming critical.

I've avoided anything with palm oil in it for a long time now. I'm a label reader bore I'm afraid but you need to be nowadays. With us both being touched by heart disease it's only sensible to choose healthier oils. So please, anyone who doesn't check, do, having RD means we need to be as heart-healthy as possible.

Sorry, gone off on one, not my intention when I started my reply!

Ajay575 in reply to nomoreheels

I just seen it on news .only seen it once they should allow advert .i will have to start healthy eating soon thanks for mentioning it I might make an appointment tomorrow with dietition at docs

Haven't seen the Iceland Ad.....but I would say to all these " precious little darlings" usually young & idealistic who appear to be mortally offended by anything they read,hear see that they probably don't even. Understand..........

Get. Over .Yourselves!

I don't like the way some students want half British history deleted from the history book. Good or happened. Live with it.

Try living in many countries & be grateful you are actually allowed to voice your opinions here, without dreadful consequences. But know there are limits to what the man on the Clapham Omnibus will tolerate....he probably doesn't like a lot of things, these "easily offended" do, but deals with them in a dignified manner....not the way the EO's


My consolation is these folk, young or old, will eventually realise everybody is offended by Something.....that's life!

Here blinkin here.

This is the ad

AgedCrone in reply to AgedCrone

Well as far as I understand it is saying Iceland is going to stop selling palm oil products because of the deforestation of the trees in Indonesia?

I am not "up" on Palm Oil products, but if they stop selling it means the Orangutans can continue to thrive in the trees I'm all for that......but I guess if only Iceland stop selling it, it will be a drop in the ocean.But I'd be happy to see it on my TV.

I'd be even happier if Iceland could lead the way & got rid of all the plastic packaging it sells frozen food in...but then that would probably be classed as political & that is against ASA regulations.

But I can't see what all the fuss is about really!

😰😰😰Just seen I look as if I'm replying to myself...I watched the video & didn't check ...I'm replying to NOMOREHEELS!!!

Ajay575 in reply to AgedCrone

Hi Agedcrone hope your keeping fine .it was on the radio today about the Iceland ad a debate .the reason it got banned is advertising because Greenpeace is involved in it ?. if that makes sense

AgedCrone in reply to Ajay575

Hadn't thought of them....yes they probably would support something like that in Indonesia.

I just thought how much there is going on trying to replace plastic coffee cups etc.Plastic bags are devastating fish & sea birds, & straws are already being dealt with.....what next?

I just wonder why no one can wait to get to their office or home to get coffee?

I understand meeting for coffee & drinking it in a coffe shop, but I have never understood buying a coffee to drink walking along the street, or on a bus or to take to work.....

Especially as just one cup a day can cost you £1,000 a year in London!

Ajay575 in reply to AgedCrone

Yeh you are right .and it cost a fortune the new trend coffee shops .pity about ad it does bring attention about palm oil.they are saying Iceland sales have rocketed?.there was a debate at the end was it intentionally as they new it would be banned .either way it has worked .

And me ??????

Those Versus Arthritis ads make me laugh. At the end the people put their hands up doing the stop hand signal - are they actually taking the mick? I haven’t been able to move my wrist into that position for years! Lol!

AgedCrone in reply to Tortoise18


I wonder if there are any 'real people who deal with people who have 'real RA or OA' working at this Versus company?

Their blurb sounds like a lot of people I have met who don,t know, or care about the difference!

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