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Baricitinib (Olumiant) diary update

I’m now into my eighth week on Baricitinib and I have nothing negative to say about this drug. I’ve had no side effects. Swelling and pain in hands, feet and knees has now gone and I feel like I’m getting my life back. I still get tired but think that’s because I’ve been unable to move for so long during flare. I’m taking baby steps and know my limits to get back on track. I’ve also managed to reduce pred by another mg so it’s all positive. This feels strange because I’ve reacted to all DMARDs and 5 biologics in the past and I’m so used to having pain somewhere, waking up on a morning not knowing what the day has in store pain-wise. I’m at the hospital tomorrow for bloods so will keep you posted.

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Sounds promising x

Great to hear your your doing well on thus drug I'm suppose to be getting this too.

Keep us posted


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Hi Reikimaster, I hope it works as well for you x


I'm absolutely thrilled for you and long may it continue. It sounds as though you've had a long hard journey to get here. Hugs



Thank you 😊



This sounds very promising, I hope this continues for you. I'm due to start Baricitinab probably end of Feb/beginning of Mar after my Operation next week. It's good to hear someone having positive results.

Am really hoping I get good results too when I start.

Let us know how you continue to get on with this one xx


I really hope it works for you too. Please let us know how you get on. I’ve done a diary from day 1 if you want to have a look on my profile xx


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