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Stem cell therapy

Anyone interested in this go to cell medicine .com .Really interesting America had a few clinics providing this for a range of people with RA ,muscular dystrophy and heart disease ,also athletic injury and the government shut them down .Doesn't make sense other than the case that they want to control it themselves it's shocking !the one highlighted in this documentary is in Panama and treated Mel Gibson's dad who 8years ago was 92,multiple problems and is now approaching 100yrs young .Worth watching .Enjoy folks 😉

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Allsop posted similar yesterday....


Yes watched radio show but went onto website bit more info

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Interesting. I had a friend who's body deteriorated drastically after a flu shot effected him very badly and cause some rare autoimmune disease (can't remember name of it). Years of treatments were ineffective for him, until a couple of years ago when he went to Chicago for a new stem cell therapy that had only been used on a few people at the time.

He slowly regained his strength and began building muscle again. I haven't talked to him in awhile, so I'm unfamiliar if he made any further progress with his condition, though the initial progress was intriguing.

I've since wondered if there was an option for rheumatoid arthritis though because I know this isn't covered by insurance I never researched it thoroughly.

I wonder why these clinics were shut down. Could be from legitimate concerns, or could have been a result of lobbying pressures, corporate interests or ignorant politicians like the ones who categorize plants like marijuana and kratom as extremely dangerous substances yet support policies for toxic drugs that actually kill people.

Anyway... I'm interested in learning more about this too. Will have to do some research. If anyone knows of anyone who has had this procedure done, please share your experience. Thanks.

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Ignorant politicians are usually behind it .I think initially these companies were harvesting cells from feotus,s but the company in Panama are taking them from the umbilical cord Andrei's obviously is of no harm to the baby, then they are matured and the best ones or the gold ones are used They did mention it's success for RA and PSA I'm not aware about the cost or insurance involved with it though .I'm off to put a lottery ticket on 🙏😁


My Rheumatologist is one of the best in the country, here in the U.S., and has been involved in conducting various research studies. The studies were not involving stem cell therapies, though. However, the subject did come up, when I was trying to understand the possible origins of R.A.

I asked him if he thought I was way off base in thinking that R.A. might be found to be like a bone cancer starting in the bone marrow. He told me that was not far-fetched at all, since much of our immune system derives from the cells manufactured in our bone marrow.

I then asked him about stem cell therapy as a logical treatment, hypothetically speaking; that I’d heard it was being done in some areas of the world. He told me that it was not allowed in the U.S. for treatment of R.A. He said that he had heard it was being done in Mexico. He emphasized that it is extremely dangerous and, in his opinion, anyone performing it to treat R.A. should lose their medical license.

Overall, I believe further stem cell research may lead to alternative treatment. However, when I expressed this, he said that there isn’t much research going on in the U.S. (no money being put toward it) and that most of the research being done is being conducted in Europe.

So, I guess time will tell.


Yes it's one thing for the politicians or whoever shut them down to say it's dangerous but not investing money for more research is mad considering it's helping people like children with muscular dystrophy and older people like meds dad have an extended life.I think it's crazy to ignore the fact that it is beneficial to people with a mass of life threatening conditions and could be very important to humanity's a whole .But I'm just an ordinary person with PSA and no say in the matter 😐


This kind of stem cell treatment isn't dangerous as it isn't bone marrow replacement. It is simply an infusion of stem cells into your blood - they have no type and are common to all humans so there is no risk of rejection etc. I have been to Panama twice to have this treatment which was the same clinic as Mel Gibson's dad. It's a great service and I think it did help me. They referred me to some RA patients who have had 3 or so rounds and have been able to come off RA medication. I am going for a third time in January.


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