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Morning All

I was speaking to a friend over the weekend and she told me about the Medipen. She too has RA and is contemplating getting one.

I'd not heard about it, I've been taking CD's for a long time and they provide me with a little relief.

I'm wondering if any of you have tried it and what your experience is of it.

There appears to be lots of info about what it contains and very little info about what it's meant to do (apart from it "helps with" and a list of diseases, it doesn't tell you specifically what it actually helps with e.g pain, mood, reduction in blood pressure, that kind of thing.

I have unmanaged RA, Diabetes and Glaucoma. .

I'd really like to hear about all of your experiences, good, bad or indifferent.

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There are quite a few posts on here from people using CBD oil. Put CBD in the search box top right and you'll find them. As I don't see what the difference is between that and the medipen? Same stuff, just different packaging?

My concern with the medipen is that it could encourage people to start/continue with smoking or vaping - which is seriously bad news for RA.

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sylvi in reply to helixhelix

I am afraid i am off the brigade who doesn't believe in illegal drugs,but if it helps

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Beverley-NRAS in reply to sylvi

Don't worry Sylvi, CBD oil is legal. Not the same as the illegal stuff!

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sylvi in reply to Beverley-NRAS

Thank you Beverley i am still not sure if i would want to use it

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