Hi feeling terrible and so tired and drained.Sweat pouring out of me i keep asking hubby if he is hot but it is just me.this has been going on for a while now and i dread going anywhere got my brothers golden wedding party tonight so not looking forward to that as even my hair gets wet well past the menopause.

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  • I hear ya sister,

    Are you flaring?

    I'm a hot mess, day sweats night sweats, constant threats of sweats lol, I lol but It isn't funny I know. With me I don't know if it's peri menopause or inflammation symptoms.

    All I can do is wear little as possible, within reason, wink! Carry an old school hand fan(like a Japan geisha girl style one)And make sure I use and carry a mens strong deodorant(small Lyncs one in white can Is best)And drink lots of water.

    I know it puts you off going anywhere when you know your going to be burning up. I feel like that too. Bring on autumn winter.


  • I seat a lot as well darling and my hair gets drenched as well. I have RA/Fibro/CFS so any of them can cause excessive sweating. Its is unfair i know,but sadly we have to put up with it as i haven't heard of anyone doing anything to treat it. Hugs.xxx

  • Me too! I've put it down to MTX toxicity along with/or inflammation as post menopause by 5-6 yrs and also had sweats prior to starting MTX but drinking lots of water definitely helps me and keeping sugary foods intake down seems to help.


  • Thanks for the reply

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