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Humira in La Rioja, Spain?

Hi! New here! I'm a US citizen with Crohn's planning to return to Spain for the school year. Doctor is considering Humira, but my Spanish insurance doesn't cover meds or pre-existing conditions. Advice on whether anyone has gotten US insurance to cover meds in Spain, and, if not, costs of Humira there, Spanish insurance for pre-existing/meds, if anyone has applied for a "convenio", etc. would be greatly appreciated!

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I'm interested in this as well as I get Retuxan infusions and while I live in the US, my daughter lives in Australia. I'd love to go visit for several months at a time but I have not been able to get a straight answer out of BCBS and I have their most expensive plan.

I'm with you, we need answers so as not to be so tied down!


Thank you so much for your response, zzcat! I, too, have BCBS-for the moment. But no clear answers, and they are pulling out of the individual market (I'm self-employed) in my state at the end of the year. (No idea what insurance I'll be able to get next year).

Will update as I find out more!

Thanks again!


Hiya viajera... female traveller! I lived in Spain in a different autonomous region to La Rioja though back in the UK currently. We didn't need a Convenio Especial (I take it that's what you're needing advice on) as my h worked there so we both had access to the Spanish national healthcare system through our NIE cards. I think I'm right in saying to qualify for the Convenio Especial you need to be resident for a minimum of a year, is this what you're considering doing? If not then I would think I'm not sure but I think you'll have no option but to have private medical insurance, which will come at a cost, not to say limiting for pre-existing condition/s & a biologic. I wonder if this may help give you some info, though as I'm in the UK I only have info specific to residents here abacoadvisers.com/spain-exp... Maybe if you can do a search there?

I also wonder if you'd have more success asking your question on an American site? Or a Crohn's site maybe? Whilst we do have members from the US I'm pretty sure none have lived/do live in Spain. We do have UK members who live in Spain but the application process is quite different of course given Spain has a reciprocal agreement with our national health service, the NHS, or it does at the mo!

Are you out of options med wise? Is it worth asking your Rheumy if he knows of alternatives other than anti-TNF's/biologics for the period you're over in Spain? I appreciate your health comes first but if there are obstacles which prevent your wishing to return to Spain, just with you saying he's "considering" Humira.

Don't know if any if this helps but I wish you luck, La Rioja is a particularly nice part of the country.


Hi nomoreheels! Thank you very much for your detailed reply!

I'll see my Gastro this week, and ask about options, and follow up on your other suggestions.

As to the convenio especial, actually, I lived in La Rioja last school term, and might qualify-but would have to apply and see should I return.

It's very frustrating and confusing at the moment as a US citizen, with no guarantee of healthcare coverage, and no idea in my state whether I can have coverage next year or not...at any price.

It's bad enough to deal with chronic health problems, but the added stress is overwhelming at times:(.

I really appreciate the support I already feel in this forum from others who "get it".

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