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pad of middle finger painful, throbbing & numb

I'm a newbie and really need some advice. Several months ago I felt a pain on the pad of my middle finger. I thought it might be a splinter, but could not find one. Since then it has become numb with a throbbing just under the skin. I have to wear a bandage all the time as the skin surface has become extremely sensitive. There is no swelling, in fact my finger tip seems to have decreased and the pad has a molted appearance. My family doctor nor my rheumatologist have not been able give a diagnosis. Í have had an x-ray and an ultrasound.

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HiHi I've had this for years and years, it has never been diagnosed, but its like bashing a nail into your hand, after after a few screams and words lol, it fades until i put any pressure on it again. Im glad im not the only one, it does hurt, it also goes to my finger tips but not to often, thankfully.

Best of luck with it.



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