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NRAS CEO Ailsa talks with her daughter Anna about the importance of being open about RA

Ailsa was diagnosed with RA at the age of 30. Since her diagnosis, she has started a successful charity, ran the Great North Run several times and received an MBE for her achievements. Listen to her and her daughter Anna speak about the importance of talking about RA with your family.

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Ailsa and Anna

Thanks for sharing your family story in this way.

I think it will be very helpful in helping us to communicate to our families and friends about this life changing and complex disease.

All the best


Thank you Ailsa and Anna. Really helpful video, so important to communicate our feelings about RA though sometimes very difficult - as Ailsa rightly says, we don't want the disease to define us, which is difficult when it's been a part of your life for 45:years! xx

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