I'm new here. Bare with me.I'm 66

I'm obese finally got it to slim down slowly,in doing so, as I carry emotional rubbish,it is affecting me, I'd say.Overworry,paranoid I guess,heart palpitations scary, I know they r from my sucky childhood.im trying to work with John Assaraf on my rubish.takes time, I live mostly on my fear,so now I'm changing my innerself to let go of this junk I carry.yet I mite be lacking in vitamins,mineral, just last nite my legs started burning so not sure good sing. I was 260 then finally 240 just now 228so I'd say it's a big transformation?? Cause my whole body is changing after yrs of obese??

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  • I had weightloss surgery in October 2015 and have since lost five stone still more to go,but i will get there.xxxxxx

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