Palindromic rheumatism

Hi everyone, this is my first post.

Last May I was diagnosed with palindromic rheumatism after suffering for 6 months or so previously with excruciating pains and swelling in my shoulders, wrists and hands.

My bloods came back for a slightly elevated rheumatoid factor.

When I get a flare up I get a rash across my cheeks but unsure if this is related.

At my rheumatology appointment they noticed my heart rate was fast for just sitting and they asked me about it. The dr then sent me for bloods to check my thyroid which came back ok.

This all seemed to happen at once, I was completely fine and then different things started happening so it feels like they must be connected. Do you think the heart rate could be connected to my joints?

I have an appointment at rhuematology in June so I can ask then but I'm unsure if it's all just a coincidence.

Thanks for reading!


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I meant to also add, I was referred to cardiology for heart tests and everything was normal apart from the speed of my heart. So I now take a beta blocker to slow it down.

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Hello, welcome to the site. Being diagnosed with a rheumatic disease is scary. Once your meds get sorted you will be fine. Did you not see a rheumatologist last May? Who diagnosed you?


The rash gives me pause. Have you considered Lupus. The two are often confused as they share similar characteristics. The rash, particularly, a butterfly rash across your face, could indicate Lupus. there are several different tests you can have that maybe beneficial.


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