Golden paste

Has anyone used turmeric i. e golden paste for ra whilst taking their normal medication ?

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  • I shove it in everything I cook. Does that count?

  • It appears to be more effective if mixed with black pepper and coconut oil. Is that what you mean ?

  • Yes I do that, but I essentially just use turmeric in many of the dishes I cook.

    Some folks take it in supplement form. I don't bother making a paste I just cook it up with oil and pepper and add veg, rice or whatever I'm cooking.

    I also take leflunomide.

  • My daughter is 25 and has ra and I have been trying to persuade her to take it. Over the past three weeks she has so much pain in her neck and collar bone and even on the methotrexate and hydrocloquine plus naproxen does not help. So she is now going to try it x

  • It can taste quite bitter, but if she likes curries, that's a good way of taking it. I also put it in rice, and roll potatoes in olive oil then cost them in turmeric and roast. Yummy.

  • I sometimes have it in hot milk with honey and black pepper. It's an acquired taste!

  • It definitely is an acquired taste. I have to take it with raspberry and apple juice and down in one. Yuck

  • I put cinnamon and honey in mine as well and it's ok!!

  • I buy turmeric in capsule form from Holland and Barrett and it certainly works for me but as yet I am not on any medication. If I miss taking it for 2-3 days I notice a big difference.

  • I buy the ingredients out of Holland and barrett and make it into moulds and freeze them. Hope this will work for my daughter as worked for my frozen shoulder

  • I have been trying to add in cooking and once tried it in yogurt (with black pepper) but having ruined a soup yesterday I would love to find another way to take it!!

    Could you run through how you make and freeze exactly?

    Many thanks

  • There is a recipe on the pinned post on Facebook turmeric user group. Once cooked. I bought cocoa bean moulds from amazon and then freeze them. You can then pop them out into a tub and keep frozen until using

  • I will give those capsuls a try as I don't eat spicey food doesn't agree with me

  • Hi Alib,

    When I saw my RA Specialist: told him I was taking Tumeric. His response was, "a number of my patients have told me that they are taking it". Really don't know if it helps RA; but it certainly has an effect in cleansing the system. (I have another inflammatory problem, which clearly responds to tumeric). One could assume, that if it helps one problem of inflammation; it would help others. (Don't know about 'golden paste', I take tablets). Best wishes, Alib. Dawn .

  • Thank you. Fingers crossed she will use it

  • Yes I put it in everything I cook

  • Hi folks, yes I take Tummeric ,I started using the powder mixed with black pepper and olive oil,then I mixed it with yogurt and honey to make it more palatable.

    After doing some reading on the net I found that the active ingredient cucumin was scarce in the powder so I changed to capsules I get them from Amerzon they are made by Swanson .they are much stronger 720mg then Holland and Barret also much cheaper the come in 240 tubs.I also get the sBioperine( black pepper) on the same site.

    I'm sure it helps me but there is no scientific evidence, but the shouldn't do any harm.

    Hope this imfo is of some use.

    Regards Mike

  • I make the paste and pipe into pellets to freeze. I also make my own capsules - turmeric + black pepper

  • So do I. It is so easy. Is it helping with your pains

  • yes it does help with the pain. It may be protecting my liver too - I`m on leflunomide and MTX and have had abnormally high ALT in the past. It`s been nice and low for a while now :-)

  • I make golden paste with turmeric, black pepper and coconut oil and keep in the fridge. I use 1 teaspoon in hot milk most nights

  • I have been taking the capsules for several years and it seems to work for me

  • I've started just days ago, I use a little bit of milk, turmeric, cinnamon, black pepper, honey and a little coconut oil. They did a bit about it on the Jeremy Vine show last week and heard some great tale's about how good it is if taken correctly. Apparently the BBC show "Trust me I'm a Dr" series 5 episode 3 does some studies into it as well and although early days sounds good. Anyway I don't take blood thinners so thought I'd give it a pop!!

  • Thank you for posting this i had neither tried it nor heard of it but given the level of response i will look it up.

  • Recent research has shown that turmeric and circumin in particular have a positive effect in RA. Some research in to taking it with methotrexate has shown a protective effect on the liver

  • Hi guys, can someone please explain why so many people are mixing turmeric with oil and black pepper? Does that make the curcumin more effective? I've only just started putting the powder into hot water and drinking that, but maybe I should be making a paste??

  • It's better absorbed with fat, any fat will do and by adding black pepper it make it 7 to 8 times more powerful. I use a little coconut oil, turmeric, black pepper in a little milk and honey, warm it up and gulp it down!!

  • Thanks very much for your advice and explanation, woodstar1! I look forward to trying this concoction!

  • No worries, I've actually grown to like it!! Good luck, let's hope it helps!!

  • This is all very interesting. I don't know how much good it does me 'cos I'm so crappy with the RA but I get a small finger-sized piece and peel and slice and put it in my smoothie every day. Can't do any harm and I figure raw is probably good. Bummer is it can stain your fingers (wear gloves). and as scrubbing isn't so great with munty fingers it also stains the plastic blender thingy but in a glass one I don't think it would be a problem.

    I do have cocunut milk in my smoothie, amongst other things, but will now add cinnamon and black pepper also. Thanks for advice.

  • Hi Alib

    I have just responded to another post about Turmeric, where the query was about taking Turmeric if you are on MTX and steroids, so will cut and paste it here ....

    " I have been taking Turmeric for a year now.

    I am a food scientist so did loads of reading around the subject first.

    I am on 15mg MTX and take Pred. I checked with my rheumatologist first re taking Turmeric. He said yep go ahead. Just told me not to exceed standard dose you would get from an Indian diet. That is 0.5tsp a day.

    I take it just before bedtime. And the 'Indian way', ie half a cup of hot full fat milk, then add 0.5 tsp of turmeric.

    The fat in the milk helps to release the Curcumin in the turmeric, which is the active ingredient said to help with decreasing inflammation.

    Don't waste your money on buying capsules just go for the real deal, powdered Turmeric in the spice rack. I buy a big bag of the organic stuff when it's on offer in the health food shops.

    According to my Rheumatology consultant there's now loads of positive evidence re anti inflammatory properties of turmeric.


  • That's brilliant information. Thank you !

  • Your welcome.

  • Hey Joy. If you grind fresh pepper in with it, it should dramatically increase absorption rate. At least that seems to be the consensus.

  • Thanks Needforname.

    I did read about the pepper method but I am gonna stick to the method that has been used by the Indians and Chinese for 4000 years.

  • Understandable. I figure you were probably aware, but just wanted to mention it in case you hadn't. I'm sure it's effective without the pepper as well. At least the traditional method is a longer case study.

  • It would be nice if there was data to tell us which was the most bio available option wouldn't it. Let us know if you come across any.

    Yep I think folk get carried away with the concept of if something is natural then consume as much as you like, but we know better. And for me you put it a nice way too re 'a longer case study'.

    A friend was consuming 3 tsps a day, and when I told my Rheumatology Consultant his eyes nearly popped out of his head!

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