Even more fed up

Peed off. Blood pressure high on the new meds. If it's still high in two weeks they will take me off new meds. They said I would then need to see my GP for blood pressure tablets and once down they would start the meds again. Glad I am seeing the Consultant in a couple of weeks because I need to ask a load of questions. So I think that means I will continue suffering with pain for the foreseeable future. Just want to hide myself away x

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  • Oh no, sorry to hear that Ellie, though they do warn us it can affect our BP. So yet more tablets! I was hoping you'd settle into it with you having your big trip next month but there's time yet so fingers crossed for you. I've not received my report yet so still not started it but once I do I've to have my nurse check mine at each drug monitoring bloods. It's normally bob on so it will be interesting to see if mine's affected too. x

  • Oh darling i so know the feeling. |Write those questions down so when you go you can show him.xxxx

  • Hi Ellie, if you want to talk through any issues our helpline is open Monday to Friday 8.30 am to 4.30pm : 0800298 7650.

  • Hi Ellie. I got high blood pressure about 11 years ago and started to take bp tablets, but didn't have to come of my other drugs while they controlled this. I believe the meds caused bp so believe you have to take them while getting your bp down. Stress also sends your bp up, if you have time to get your GPs advice go to see him/her. Hopefully when you retire you will feel a lot better .x

  • Ellie - It might sound silly, but Cayenne capsules can help regulate blood pressure as needed. The School of Natural healing has a newsletter called the Herbal Legacy and if you search that and cayenne, you will find the newsletter. Dr. Christopher (Master Herbologist) started the school and has a section about 2/3 of the way down about his own blood pressure. I can personally attest that if I think mine is too high or too low, I take a couple of capsules for a few days, and it will correct itself. Hope this is not too far "off" for everyone. I am just so enamored with herbs that I use them for almost everything. Just be sure to check your blood pressure every days to see what effect the cayenne is having...

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