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Hey guys. So I've been taking methotrexate injections for about 14 months now. Originally, it seemed to be helping despite prolonged periods of fatigue and nausea. I've been dealing with episodes of episcleritis that have progressed into scleritis and undiagnosed but related problems in my right shoulder and lower back for about six years now. I used to experience episodes of Scleritis, which is my most frequent problem to flare, about six times a year. My first year of methotrexate brought that down to just two, but, in the past five months, I've experienced three flare ups. What form of treatment usually comes next? I appreciate any feedback anyone has to give! At this point, I'm willing to try anything.

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Hi it's best to chat to the Rheumy team as you need to establish if the metho isn't working anymore, they can check your bloods.

But if you feel unsettled or feel things are worsening you could chat about maybe changing to another dmard, I went onto sulphasalsine( the doc will give you advice on which drug might be best for you). Nras do a good section on their website about dmards.

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Hi Sarah19xx

As allanah has said below, it's worth going back to your rheumy team if you are concerned that the Methotrexate injections aren't having the same effect as before.

There are lots of alternative DMARDS and combination therapy options to try, and Biologic medications as well - so lots of possibilities! You can read about these medications and more on our website: nras.org.uk/medication

I do hope your rheumy team are able to get your RA more under control very soon.

Kind regards




I've had scleritis for 2 years and rheumatoid arthritis which is well controlled with Humira for about 20 years , after trying sulphasalizine and methotrexate which made me feel worse I went to Moorfields for a second opinion and was told that the only way to treat scleritis is high dose steroids for 3/4 months and pain killers , so having discussed this with my consultant is the route I'm now taking .

Hope this helps you , the misery of flare ups cannot be described other than a toothache in the eye .


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