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Yellow Bruses

Hi all fellow RA sufferers just a question to anybody like me after a bad spell of pain in my Back, Hip, Shoulders etc I sometimes find 2 or 3 yellow Bruses on me. Sometimes on my upper body sometimes on my limbs they are not painfull & can be as big as 1inch by 2inches or just the size of a small button. They disappear usually after 3 to 4 days gradually fade away but stay yellowish. Every time I see my Rheumy I never have any on me to show him so all I get is raised eyebrows. Would love to know if anybody out there has these as well, Thanks.

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Isuggest you talk to your GP. they may want to do blood tests and its more in their priority than rheumy i think. Hope you get sorted soon x

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I bruise easily Whiskers64, always have even pre RD, but I get the typical blueish black & as they fade they go a yellowy brown colour. I wonder if you have a slight issue with your blood. It would be certainly worth asking your GP about & he may suggest a blood test. If your Surgery doesn't have same-day appointments or if you need to make an appointment in advance by which time the bruising is more than a few days old I would take a pic in normal daylight of your bruising as it appears on day one.


Thanks nomoreheels for your reply, as for Blood tests I have them on a monthly basis & as yet nothing apart from the normal RA results have shown any other problems. My Mother Bless her heart used to suffer with bad Rheumatics through her later years & also used to have these yellow Bruses as I do after a bad bout. I have now taken photos of these Yellow Bruses so I can show my Rheumy next week when I see him. Whatch this space!!


I meant an FBC (full blood count) rather than a drug monitoring one really Whiskers. It's a commonly performed test, a less specific, more overall view of your blood. Bruises can change colour as part of the ageing process I believe but I wouldn't have thought you were much different in age to me (54), not yet the age your mum would have been when her bruises were yellowish. Assuming a bit here & sorry if this is incorrect, but if it is you look well on it!! ;)


Well nomoreheels you are kind I am 65years Young (have been retired 5 years now) around the same age my Mother started having problems. I did have a FBC in January this year plus a CT scan, these Bruses do not change colour they appear yellow are non painfull & fade away still Yellow but as I say will show the Photo to my Rheumy next week & see what he thinks. Many thanks for your replies.


Suppose it's all relative & what's 10 years between friends when we have such an age disparity on here?! Out of ideas then I'm afraid, let's hope your Rheumy can throw some light on why they're appearing. I'd be interested to know anyhow if he can & at least you've not long to wait. :)


Hi whiskers

I've not had any yellow bruises I agree with others that you would be wise to mention to your gp. If you have a camera you could take photos of these bruises to show your doctor. Hope you get to know what they are and why you get them. Take care KiKi



They are a contraindication to the medications we take. Basically the structure of your blood changes, and the small veins burst just under the skin, this causes the bruises. Sometimes they can be painful and they can be blue changing yellow. When I suffered the problem they changed my NSID medications and that sorted it as I have a problem with NSID and was put into the group COX 2 Inhibitor, (CELEBREX) The bruises generally are not dangerous.

Have words with your GP



I thought it was only me!! When my pain is really bad, I'm left with bruises across my back and hips. Even had bruises on my Pinkie's!! My daughter took some photo's of my bruises but still waiting for a rheumy app after 9 months!! My bruises come and go, very odd. My GP checked my bloods and she is stumped as to why!! So who knows. All the best x


Hi uist51,

Thank you so much for your reply at last someone else has these Yellow Bruses mine appear also after a long period of of bad pain. They are not necessarily in the same place as the pain was but I have also had them on different parts of my body. Like you I was beginning to think it was only me after the replies I have been getting so thanks again at least we know of someone else out there in RA land that has them. I will continue try & to find out from the Medical profession what they are & Why. Take care & all Best wishes x


Are you taking any kind of steroids? Sometimes that can delay clotting and a small bump will cause a bruise.

Yellow or green/brown usually means its in the deep tissues not near the surface under the skin (which is often black/blue) or its getting old. Since there is no blue/black Its probably due to mild trauma that you may or may not have felt but definitely get your doc to look at them so she/he can check you out.

If you like are me, you may already get a monthly FBC with your LFT's, UEC's, CRP and ESR but your doc will be able to tell you.


Hi All, thanks for your posts.

I noticed a yellow bruising on my index finger knuckle yesterday evening and wasn't aware that I had previously knocked it.

It's not painful to touch and seemed to appear front nowhere!

Seeing Doc in a week and have taken photos.

I'm only just 50☺


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