Should/upper arm pain

I wonder if anyone has had the same problem as I have experienced recently. I feel a recurring stiffness in the shoulder/upper right arm area. It is a funny kind of stiffness because it can go away if I stretch my arm only to return immediately when I move my arm back to its original position. It only occurs when I move my arm in certain ways and directions. It is an irritation rather than a disability - I am typing this with both hands without the slightest difficulty - but it would be useful to find out what one could do to eliminate it.

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Hello WalterJC,

I know exactly what you are talking about because I have the same problem, and only with my right shoulder. Mine started back at the end of last year and eventually I had to give in to a steroid injection into the shoulder joint, which gave me immediate relief which lasted many weeks.

However, it is a weak spot for me now and I find certain movements and strain on the shoulder joint can trigger the pain again. In my case it is doing the ironing/vacuuming and carrying heavy bags, also it is uncomfortable in bed. So, I find protecting it helps a lot by using my left arm more to carry anything heavy and I'm getting very adept at using the hoover with my left hand.

Perhaps you could pay you GP a visit for some advice. My GP was surprised at how long I had been putting up with the pain before making an appointment to see him.

I hope you get some relief soon. June x


Dear Petalnumber2

Thank you very much for your reply - extremely useful.

best wishes, Walter C


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