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Time is flying!

Time is flying!

It seems to have not been very long since I last wrote the weekly NRAS blog, but it probably is as time is flying by this year!

It’s a very exciting time with the planned office move due to happen at the end of November, so we will be in a larger office with us all in one space rather than spread across two offices as we are at the moment. It will be really good to have everybody back together but will take some getting used to for all of us I am sure as it will be a big change to what we have been used to. The offices are lovely though, very airy and bright, still in Maidenhead and a bit closer to the rail station so even easier for people to visit. But first we have the uphill struggle of de-cluttering here and getting ourselves sorted out and packed up ready to go which may take a bit of organisation I think! NRAS services will continue as normal, and all phone numbers and emails will remain the same, so hopefully you will not notice any disruption.

This means we will be moved in and settled, we hope(!) by Christmas, which we are busy getting organised for here. You may have received a flyer for this year’s Christmas cards in your last NRAS magazine (if you are a member) and they are selling fast so if you have not ordered yours yet please do to ensure there will be stock available. We have already sold out of the design entitled ‘Red and White Christmas’ and are beginning to get low on some others so don’t wait too long! You can also order online at or give the fundraising team a call on 01628 823524 to place your order over the phone.

The other exciting event is the new NRAS Lottery which we launched about a month ago to a great response. A huge thank you to all those of you who have already signed up and we have had some £5 winners already so it does work! If you haven’t signed up please do think about supporting us in this way. For just £4.34 a month you will get entered into the weekly draw each Saturday with your unique 6 digit number and have the chance of winning up to £25,000.

There is a 1 in 63 chance of winning a prize, so great odds, and we receive 50% of all income from those who join. Sign up at !

A note for your diary - our traditional Christmas concert will take place on Friday 13th December at All Saints Church, Maidenhead and we hope that if you are nearby you will come along and join us on the evening. There will be more details in the next few weeks so watch this space.

Have a good weekend,

Tracey Hancock

Director of Development


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Tracy, can you help me...I wrote my blog for our Strickly come blogging weekly and I can't get it to preview and to's just sitting there..I hope it's still there, in Off Topic category. Can you help?



Hi lorann,

Sorry we couldn't help on Friday. Did you get your blog up ok? If you have any technical problems in future, I'm afraid none of us at NRAS can help! You'll have to contact the HU support team on

Hope you had a good weekend,



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