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As I am in my luxury hotel suite after a sumptuous meal in the five star restaurant. I will send you all my love and sorry I cannot be there in person. But I shall stop sipping my coffee and brandy to send you my votes.





And finally my top mark for the night with a beoooootiful performance, I am so proud of you.


A wonderful effort from you all. Cannot wait for next week.

Love and kisses. Mwah mwah. Bruno.

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  • Wow, we've just seen the first 10 of the series, well done Sandra99b!!!! I knew you were a dark horse:-))

  • Wow!!!! :D

  • I know, I'm so excited!!!!

  • Is anyone else going to vote? Or have I stunned them all into silence?

  • Daaaahlings, here are my votes:

    Case = 7

    Cece = 8

    Loret = 8

    Allanah = 9

    Sandra = 8

  • Here are my votes.

    Case 6

    Cece 6

    Loret 9

    Sandra 8

    Allanah 10

  • Hi Everyone..... here are my votes! I think the standard has really improved and I really enjoyed this week, Allanah your

    dance this week was brilliant, energetic, sparky and a great choice of music, Cece 's also was up there and Loret for her vivid imagination that she brings out in her dancing.

    Allanah - 10

    Cece - 9

    Loret - 7

    Case - 6

    Sandra - 6

  • Votes for this weeks imaginary dance off

    cece 6 points

    Loret 7 points

    Sandra 7 points

    Allanah 8 points

    Case 6 points

    Good luck everyone


  • well done everyone! and Allanah 2 10's - wow! my cap is well and truly doffed :)

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