RA: Join the Fight

RA: Join the Fight

Have you seen the RA: Join the Fight campaign that was launched at EULAR? RA: Join the Fight is based on the largest global survey of people with RA – 10,171 people across 42 countries including 586 from the UK.

The main headline is that the UK lags far behind every other country involved in this survey with two thirds of RA patients in the UK saying that they do not feel their RA is well managed. It also showed that only a quarter of UK RA patients have a disease management plan in place, less than half the global average.

AbbVie, who developed the campaign, are looking for case studies to help promote it to the media and help raise public awareness of RA, something we are all trying to do, and they have asked NRAS for our support.

What they would like are two people who have followed different paths to treatment – one person who has followed the correct route of rapid referral, early diagnosis and been started on treatment at the earliest opportunity; the other person is the opposite, someone who has had delays which have been detrimental to their disease progression.

Due to the particular media they are aiming to feature in, both case studies should be women in their 30s/40s and both mothers. If you think this is for you then please do get in touch. Email me at

Your support, as always, is greatly appreciated.

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Hi Andrew, the link has gone down.

What about a 50 year old, rapid referral mother!!lol, you saying i am too old lol ( well at least i am a woman!!) xx


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