Result :D

Just wanted to thank you by answering my questions the other day.

I saw my OT a diary and she is speaking to the consultant and RA nurse. Carrying on with swelling has gone knuckles and knees. No burning legs and feeling dreadful. Not going back on MTX if another DMARD is needed..they can find another one..hopefully Hydroxy will be good for a while. Gentle hugs xxx

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  • Glad your getting somewhere with your OT and hopefully they will be able to help you more x

    Take care x

  • Lol, team work here and with the rheumy team!!! Great result and good on you pressing the ot!

  • Great result hugs..xxxxx

  • good news rockpool x

  • That is good news. Did you get the result of your ANA test? Tilda x

  • Hi Tilda. The ANA has been away 4 weeks now and still no word. I even went shopping today and felt so much better. Fingers crossed this is not short lived and wishful thinking. Hugs xxx

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