Stiff neck = tigers

When I went to bed last night was the first that I realized that my neck hurt. Then I slept poorly and had two disturbing dreams that both involved tigers. Strange, as I've rarely given tigers a 2nd glance, although I do love to see the white tigers at zoos.

The first dream had a Peeping Tom, then I was sequestered in a dorm type building with no cell-phone. Somehow I escaped & was then chased by a lion & a tiger, making it to my car within just a hairs-breath of being caught by the tiger. I'm already forgetting the 2nd dream, but it also had a rampaging tiger in it and I was running from it again.

I can turn my neck both ways today but it aches deep inside on the right.

Maybe it's the turn in the weather, as we got about 1 1/2 inch of snow during the early morning.

Better do something to my hair before I go out for a late lunch today with a friend. I must go water my parent's plants & wind their clock too today. They are on a Maranatha trip (mission/building) to Africa for 3 weeks. My Dad also asked me to call my 3 siblings to let them know that all is well with them in Africa.


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  • Thanks for these flavours of what is another world for most of us Christine - good luck with the dreaming and the neck pain. Tilda x

  • It was the perfect snow to make a snowman, not too dry or too wet, but I didn't feel good enough to make one today. It'll freeze again tonight, and get up to the lower 40's tomorrow. Maybe I'll try again tomorrow.

  • Dreams are strange. I had weird ones last night,this is a common practise with me i'm afraid. I can't remember the last time i slept more than 2 hrs at a time. I woke up with cramp by my ear. Hope your neck pain soon settles down.


  • I always have very weird dreams the night that I take my MTX and sometimes the following night too. Hope your neck feels better today. Take care xxxx

  • I find Naproxen gives me really vivid dreams. I wake up feeling like I've been on an adventure. Also throughout both of my pregnancies I had dreams about being chased by talking lions. I remember reading it was linked to a fear of change. x

  • Christine, Would love to help you make a snowman. My two brothers and I used to live outdoors at this ime of the year and make snow forts aand snomen and snowballs to throw at each other. It was wild, but I don't remember ever being cold. However, I can not stand being cold now!

    Your parents are to be commended for doing such a project. God bless them, Loretxx

  • Hey Christine

    Your dreams are fascinating. Someone once said to me that regardless of the dream try to remember how you are feeling in the dream - even if its a scary situation are you in control.

    Did you get your neck sorted today? HOpe its not too bad tonight.

    We have had no snow this winter so far but i suppose we could get some later this month but by and large it has been great, very mild though very windy.

    Looking forward to next post from America.

  • My neck feels better, but not tip-top yet. This could actually be good, since I see my Dr tomorrow morning.

    Usually, I'm pretty in control of my RA, or just one joint acts up. I probably complain too much, but I have found that if I don't, my family won't ask how I am. They just don't think to ask. It's hard to live alone.

    Have a great day.

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