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Waldenstrom's High Viscosity Plasma

My husband was diagnosed with Smoldering Waldenstrom's a little over a year ago. Although he remains asymptomatic, his latest viscosity plasma came in at 5.7, up from 3.6 in February and increased from 2.5 in September of 2016. Beside the result on the labs is the word "critical" in parentheses. However, in calling his oncologist (who also has hematology certification), his nurse relayed that his results were stable and were no cause for alarm. We are concerned that because this result came in later than the main results that it may be getting overlooked. Anyone have any experience with high viscosity plasma?

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I have no experience with the illness, but I'd call the nurse back to make certain all the results were reviewed. I find it's good to "manage" your health care to the level that you feel comfortable with. Hope you get some answers soon.


Another test coming....


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