The benefit of Green Tea

“Green tea polyphenol "epigallocatechin-3-gallate", differentially induces apoptosis in CLL B-and T-Cells but not in healthy B-and T-Cells in a dose dependant manner.” (Australian research)

Interesting research that suggests we should all drown ourselves daily in green tea. I began drinking "chai" a few weeks ago but think I shall add at least one strong cup of green tea to my daily grind.

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  • When I first started drinking green tea I went a bit overboard and had up to six cups a day. After a week or two of this I began to feel a bit nauseous after a few cups. I did a bit of research and it seems that when taken to excess it can be toxic to the liver; this seems to apply more to the green tea supplements than the actual drink but I would say "the poison is in the dose" applies as with everything else.

    Anyway, I cut back to one strong cup a day and have had no problems since. I am small build and low weight so that didn't help either !

  • It's easy to go excessive when you have big hopes for a magic cure. Good tip on the "supplements". I was actually considering getting some but think I'll leave it for now and concentrate on enjoying the real tea for awhile. I actually drink a combo in the morning- Chai, a black and green mix with lemon. Quite pleasant.

  • There was a documentary on tv about the toxicity to the liver with too much green tea or diet pills containing green tea. A lady in our community passed away from liver problems fom taking green tea diet aid, I'd just be careful with the amounts consumed

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    I am in remission for over a year from cd8 T cell lymphoma. Have just read a couple of medical articles on apoptosis which seem to contradict each other and confused me. Can you direct me to this Australian research. I imagine that I will start drinking large quantities of green tea! Thanks

  • I have green tea every day and find it quite pleasant, I have also tried dandelion root tea which must be good for you because it tastes awful

  • Hope this link works.

  • On a cautionary note, if you are taking prescribed medications speak with you doctor (s) and/or pharmacist before incorporating green tea into your diet. Green tea can have an adverse affect with some medications. I was advised against ingesting green tea due to certain prescribed medications.

  • Folks like us should always check conflicts with current medications. Good advice.

  • Do you mean ordinary green tea?

  • It would seem we should be careful with "green tea supplements" but for drinking, ordinary green tea is the thing. I also drink "chai" which is a blend of black and green. I find plain green a little, not to my liking, so I'm treating a couple of cups a day as medicine. Make it strong and gulp it down!

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