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Swollen lInphnode

Hi everybody, I just joined the forum and this is a short story.....I have had already numbness, from my pelvis down with symptoms of heaviness, loss of muscle tone, loss of sensations (hot, cold, pressure and fatigue starting around 7 years ago. They reckon it had to do with slightly bolging in the lumbar area. Around six months ago I developed I swollen linphnode in my right groin. since I am losing weight. its not painful and it has grown to an inch size (25 mm) lump. Any comment or suggestions on the way to approach it? regards Tony

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Sorry I can't help you with this Tony - though I would say get it checked out by your GP - good luck Anne 😀


I would certainly get it looked at by a doctor, Tony. Lymph nodes can swell for all kinds of reasons - some serious and some not; I think if a node is up for a couple of weeks, the medical opinion is to have it checked. Worrying about it is worse than getting it checked out.


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