I currently have a Gfr of 10 at the minute and have been lucky enough to have my mum donating and she is penciled in for the end of july. The only issue is that it will be a non compatable transplant which has its own problems so i have been advised by guys and my own doctors to try pairing and so im waiting for the results at the beginning of july, just wondering if anyone else has gone through the pairing and how they found it

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  • Hi Nic01a, I was in a similar position before my transplant. I was going to have my wifes kidney which was not compatible and as you say has its own problems. I was as you gfr of 10 and very close to dialysis but holding on. We were advised to give the pairing scheme a try with a 25% chance of a match after 4 runs as this would give me a less risky kidney. Luckily we got a match on the first run and got my transplant 6 weeks later. The operation process take a little longer ( depending on how far apart the 2 pairs are) our transplant was done at Leeds and the other was done in Edinburgh so a 4 hour drive with kidneys swapped half way. Everything went brilliantly well and I am now 9 months post and now know why they call it the gift of life. wish you well for the future and hope you have some good luck like I feel I have thanks Stonebroke.

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