Hi fellow renal patients, i am a HHD patient and was wondering how many fellow HHD patients are going to be affected by this so-called 'bedroom' tax introduced by this Con/Dem coalition government? As a HHD patient i have had a spare bedroom converted into a satellite renal unit. Surely this is an unfair 'tax' by the government on the sick and disabled and the most vulnerable people in society. My renal consultant told me that i would be better doing HHD as studies show that patients health can improve with more dialysis. How can this government expect people like us to downsize to 1 bedroom flats when the NHS has already forked-out thousands of pounds to adapt our homes so that we can do HHD. We are even saving the government thousands of pounds per year by doing HHD!

I was wondering if anybody else receiving HHD has been affected by this 'unfair' and cruel tax on the sick and disabled who want to live an independent life without having to go to hospital three times per week and more, waiting for machines to become available, waiting for transport, and all the other frustrations that go with hanging around in hospital. I am also surprised that the NKF has not taken up the plight of renal patients affected by this adverse political matter.

I would be interested in hearing any feedback on this subject from anybody?

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  • Hi Which region of the country do you live in - I can direct you to your NKF advocacy officer who will support your case. The NKF is taking this up at the highest level - with meetings taking place at the DWP.

    We are all as outraged as you, and will do everything we can to fight on your behalf.

  • Hi NKFADVOCACY, thanks for our reply and input, i live in the Derbyshire region. As regards the NKF taking this matter up with the DWP i think they would be dealing with the wrong people. This is a matter for National and local government,i.e. local councils who have the resposibility of allocating discretionary housing payments.

    I have applied for the disretionary payment at my local council and am awaiting their decision! If it is negative i shall contact my MP to advocate with the council on my behalf.

  • Although you MAY be able to claim adiscretionary housing payment if you are affected. Limited extra funds have been set aside for people in this situation.

    Def contact your MP and NKF..

    Although I live at home with my parents this will affect me and my partner if we try to move in together.. Currently it seems an impossible situation if we rent!


  • Hi JMan, thanks for your input, i have applied for the discretionary housing payment and am awaiting the Councils decision, if it is negative will certainly be contacting my MP. Thankfully he is a Labour Party MP!!

  • Wishing you much luck..

    I'm going to be adding it to correspondence I've going with my MP in Haringey as they are opening up possibly the first dialysis unit ever in the borough in a couple of years as part of a, you guessed it, HOUSING DEVELOPMENT! I should think the unit will be pretty packed. Even more so if existing home dialysis patients face eviction.

  • im affected by this. i do PD at home and have to store tons of boxes of fluids, stock and ancillaries in a sterile enviroment. i spent a few thousand on my home making it sterile and and adapting it for the purpose of dialysis which i have to have for 8 and a half hours a day. im currently fighting this desicion. dialysis is a life saving treatment that we MUST do to stay alive ..its not a litlle hobby or activity that we indulge in for fun whenever the mood takes us therefore the sterile enviroment that is necessary for the administering of this treatment SHOULD NOT BE DEEMED A SPARE BEDROOM AND CHARGED FOR UNDER THE BEDROOM TAX RIP-OFF SCHEME



  • I totally agree with your comments melissabell, i have recently claimed (DHP) discretionary housing payment and am awaiting a decision. However, i have recently learned there has been an extra 25 million made available specifically for two categories, i.e, foster carers and people who have had their homes significantly adapted because of disability. Maybe you might fit into the latter category like myself. I suggest you contact your local council and claim DHP, you got nothing to lose anyway. Good luck.

  • just checking to see if this bedroom tax/kidney machine topic is still open,

    i'm legally researching it. possible judicial review?. am a solicitor but not fishing for clients as had to take redundancy due to ill health being ex dialysis machine patient my self.

    is in anyone there? if so i can tell you what found out so far.

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