Repeat Fistulaplasty?

Hi everyone. My fistula is 16 years old and I'm starting to have some stenosis (narrowing) issues with it, mainly due to its age and calcification due to long term dialysis. I had a successful plasty to widen it in February, but it looks like I'll be needing another in the next few months. Has anyone else had this procedure more than once or twice? Was it as successful each time?


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  • My current fistula is 19 years old and I ve had several fistulaplasties...with hindsight they were all within a certain time period at about 10 years +. They seem to have done the trick as my fistula is still working and I haven't (touch wood) had to have one in the last few years. My unit does monitor our fistulas by a transsonic once a month so keeps a good eye on it. Good luck to you with yours.

  • Hi Nicolala,

    I have had the procedure done twice already and there is no problem.

    I was however advised to have the blood thinner injection immediately after

    the dialysis started to ensure the flow of blood does not block the fistula and

    since then I have had no problems.

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