Bkpa grant

Hi, looking for some help/advice. I'm a haemodialysis patient and I'm applying for the bkpa grant to help fund my holiday. I understand they don't write checks directly to myself they ask for the company but I'm booking online. It's not through a travel agents I'm booking as only the flight I need and doing online via travel supermarket or sky scanner. I've sent bkpa my application with a cover letter from myself explaining that in order for me to book my flight to Australia the cheapest way is online but need the funds in order to book. I also included copies of flight prices. Now I need to be flying no longer than 24 hours for the way it can fit around dialysis.

Then today got a letter from bkpa asking me for a letter on headed paper from the company I'm booking with.

I'm looking to see has anyone else had issues like this. I understand they won't write me a check but I need advice on how to get the grant.

It's obviously not a regular request to get the grant to fund a holiday to Australia but I defiantly can't be the only one with this request. Dialysis is all booked and will be staying with family as half of my family are in Australia so just need my flight.

I want to get it sorted before Christmas as need to be there for 25 Jan 2016.

Any advice really appreciated. 😋🐨🌏


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