Does having kidney dialysis wipe out insulin doses and other pills taken please.

Hi to all NKF members on here, I am posting on behalf of my Mum who has Diabetes and we have been told what was going on with her leg problems might have caused her complete Kidney failure, her leg ulcers and huge 2/3" leg blisters appearing just a week or so before her kidneys completely failed.

She has dialysis 3 times a week now and is on a 1 litre liquid daily allowance only.

She can smell her foods, but cannot taste it, so does not enjoy eating it as she cannot taste it, which has lead to her loosing three and a half stone in just 5 weeks.

* What happens to diabetic insulin and thyroid medication pills in the body when blood is 'cleaned' and put back in please. ?

* Does this process of dialysis wipe out all medication ?

* Does medication have to be worked round dialysis and taken after dialysis has taken place maybe ?

Mum is looking mostly tired and limp all day, she has 'Foggy' brain and cannot concentrate for long and has no interest in anything going on. She recently had a diabetic Hypo, but luckily realized what was happening and managed to call for help.

Any thoughts please.

Thank You.

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I asked a similar question when having my fistula operation as I suffer from epilepsy and was concerned about my anti-convulsive medication and the surgeon googled the question and said that it would not be affected. I must add that as yet, touch wood, I have not needed dialysis so have not tested this point. I hope this helps.


Apologies devonion for my late reply, cannot work out why I have not been getting email alerts for members replying to my postings, also not getting my daily members posts either. :(

Every posting helps ;) Mum too has to have a Fistula op soon, has yours gone smoothly ? I read the leaflet on the op and it didn't look very pleasant to go through, is there anything Mum should be aware of that's not written down in the leaflets.


Hi Coastwalker, The op is not as bad as it may seem, I had a block anaesthetic, which basically numbed my arm from the shoulder down, and was conscious for the op. They put a sheet up so I could not see the operation and I was able to talk to the surgeon and team during the op. I had my first in January last year and was told not to worry as I would feel nothing different in the arm. I saw my consultant in May who checked the fistula and it had blocked, apparently not unusual, but he was amazed that I had been told what I had as it should be checked daily. You can feel a thrill, (like a pulse), and if you put the arm against your ear you hear a whoosh whoosh whoosh noise which is the blood going though the fistula. I had a second fistula slightly further up the arm in October which is still working ok, so I would say make sure your mum checks it every day and if she thinks it is not working to contact the renal unit asap. I hope all goes well for your mum, Devonian.


'Thank you' devonian, that is all very helpful to know from someone having gone through it already, will tell Mum.

Mum was forewarned she'd have a heartbeat and a whooshing sound on her arm :O and told the fistula might collapse and another go needed, which did not sound pleasant, but you have described the operation itself as a piece of cake, so Mum will be more relaxed about it. :)


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