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Here's about me,

My name's Reema Raykar and I am from India. I have had a history of Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis( 1995 - 2017), Renal Dysfunction(2005 - 2018) followed by Kidney failure and Transplant in Jan 2018.

My main purpose of joining the group is to help people out there who have/ have had similar health conditions like mine. I would love to share my experiences, the tips and tricks I used to help myself, my good and bad times, give and receive help, my perspective about the world post having these health issues as a kid and vise versa.

2.0 - Always Happy to Help! :)

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Hi Reema! I had kidney Transfusion 4 months ago. Being Indian , I had long thick hair. Lost 3/4 of it last 2 months. Not sure if this will grow back ever. Very depressing.

Did you experience hair fall? If so how much time did it take to stabilize the hairfall rate and regrowth?

Hi parojulie123 , Yes, I too had tremendous hair fall post my transplant and that lasted for around 1.5 years. Being too worried about my hair fall, I chopped them off then and got them real short.

But, now my hair growth is back to its normal pace and is quite healthy ! :)

So, don't worry, your hair growth will be back to normal and shall get stronger and healthier. It's just that post surgery the body undergoes major changes internally and it's due to these sudden changes, it's under shock and hair fall is one of the byproduct of such surgical shocks.

Thanks Reema! I have chopped mine too

But I continue to shed at an alarming rate. Very depressing

I understand the phase you are going through. But don't worry, things will get back to normal in sometime.

What I did then was chopped my hair, started oiling them frequently and I was put on temporary dose of Evion 400 to stimulate hair growth. Things took time but it worked.

Evion 400 is a vitamin E tab and my nephrologist recommended this.

Welcome! How did you get transplanted in the same year as getting ESRD? Did you have a living donor? You look very healthy!

Kidney1982 in reply to LisaSnow

Just thinking the same thing.

Reema_RR in reply to LisaSnow

LisaSnow , yes, a living donor. My mom donated me her kidney. :)

WYOAnneNKF Ambassador in reply to Reema_RR

Hi Reema and welcome to our wonderful group!

Glad you are doing well. I am 20+ years since my transplant.

Reema_RR in reply to WYOAnne

Hi WYOAnne , thats awesome to know ! How are you doing ? :)

WYOAnneNKF Ambassador in reply to Reema_RR

My kidney is doing great with a stable creatinine of 0.8 - 1.0. My donor was a 16 year old that died in an auto accident. It was a very good match 4/6.

I had problems with infections at first, but have never had a rejection episode.

Take care of yourself especially due to COVID!

Reema_RR in reply to WYOAnne

WYOAnne , that's nice hear that you are doing fantastic😀

Yes, trying to take care as much as possible! Take care you too 😁

Welcome Reema! Always wonderful to have more recipients that want to share their experience. It's always an encouragement. I had my transplant in May 2016. Doing well despite a few infections. Just want to keep getting stronger and healthier. I look forward to hearing more about your story.

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