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Kidney Dialysis
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PD info please PKD mom

Hi! Newbie here, 11% function & getting catheter before Thanksgiving. How long to heal before I actually start exchanges? I work in public education and am trying to figure out how this will all go. I'm a 55 yo mom of 5 (2 still at home in school). Found out about PKD during a miscarriage in 2000, lost my mom to PKD when her QOL deteriorated 2 yrs ago. Am trying to get on transplant list (doing all the tests). Will the extra 1/2 bath hold the supplies or the smallest bedroom? Any sharing is appreciated! I have a great support system of family, friends and faith! xoxo (kicked cancer 7 yrs ago).

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The recovery from cath placement and beginning treatments is usually around 3 weeks. The supplies you get in the beginning will seem overwhelming but the very first delivery will be about twice what you'll need in a month so you always have extra on hand. A large closet should hold all the supplies you'll need. Some who have smaller places have to get creative about storing, like under the bed etc. What an awful way to find out about PKD, so sorry. You've already been through it with cancer, miscarriage. So glad to hear about such a great support system. I'm hoping you will get a transplant first. BTW, I found out I had PKD at age 21, went on dialysis at 44 (the day after I turned 44) and have been doing dialysis almost 16 years (most of the time on home hemodialysis). Wishing you all the best. Feel free to email me directly. Blessings


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