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NHS England: A Call to Action
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Still We are waiting a appointment

My son has an eye problem.We requested an appointment for him after our Vision Express check middle of January.

After 1 week we have an appointment for 22nd of March.We had the second letter just after 10 days, They cancelled and given new appointment for 2cn of April.After one week I had the third letter of cancellation again.New appointment for 16 of May. Under the circumstances, my 8 years old son needs to wait.He is already a victim of late diagnosis from our Surgery`s doctor when he was 18 months older. So I do not believe someone can help us.But the main question is If my son`s eye problem gets worse who will pay it?

It is not related to funding.I think someone should feel our pain like their own pain.

Who is doing their job perfect they are real patriotic.

I am really sorry about my son about other children and my dear country we deserve better services.

Yasemin Gorgun

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I'm sorry to hear that your son isn't receiving what you perceive to be quick enough treatment and understand that you are worried that all these appointment deferrals may harm you son's sight further.

But could I suggest that this is actually in your own hands. It is always useful to go back to the source of things to try to get faster help and that means back to your general practitioner to explain your worries. That way you can either have him/her chase up a speedier appointment, or to reassure you that waiting a little longer won't do any long-term harm.

To put this in perspective, the staff making the appointments for you, and rearranging them, have absolutely no idea of individual needs. They simply have to juggle thousands of appointments and it needs your intervention if things seem to have become more urgent for your son.

Best wishes.


This is a classic NHS delay tactic. I'm sorry but this is where we are now. There will alwasy be people who will sugar coat this for you. But the aim of NHS staff now is to pull all string to allow it not to provide care. The only way they will do their jobs is if you record conversations, be it on the phone or in purpose. Always let them know that you are recording conversations. I would suggest go back to you GP's reception and explain your problem while recording it. They will then have no other choice than to provide your son the care he deserves. it is your Son's human right.

Please do not expect any sympathy from NHS staff or a sense of honesty. They are better actors than carers. Remember they are people who actually require a regulation to be honest. Most of us are generally honest with out having a regulation hanging over our heads.


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